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Patient Attraction Episode 347

Hey, welcome to Friday, February 27. I’m Colin Receveur, and today I want to share some tips on how to kickstart your creativity. Stay tuned.

– You might remember that not long ago I gave you a podcast about how you need downtime to let your brain work on creative problem-solving.

– I hope you have been giving that a try.

– But sometimes there are moments when your brain just feels mushy, and it’s difficult to get your creative juices flowing.

– Stress from home or your dental practice can contribute.

– Sometimes you’re just overworked.

– No matter what, most creativity is required to solve some problem.

– So I want to talk about creativity in that way.

– Here are tips I found online about getting out of a creative rut.

  1. First, start by doing something else.

– Instead of working on the problem at hand, work out a smaller creative problem.

– Draw, work out a math problem or solve a crossword puzzle.

– Just something to successfully get your juices flowing.

– This might even be doing something physical that requires little thinking.

  1. Get inspired.

– Admit you don’t know everything.

– Ask “What if…” questions to overcome obstacles.

– And look in unexpected places for inspiration.

– This could be with your kids, in a magazine, listening to music, or just taking a walk.

  1. Think beyond the norm.

– Identify the things that absolutely must be the way they are.

– This list should be very small.

– Then arrange all of the things that are flexible.

– If you are a visual person, cut images out of magazines or newspapers, or print pictures off the Internet to represent your ideas.

– Discard the most obvious answers that you have gone over a million times.

– What is left?

  1. Try these tips:

– Close your eyes and see the final outcome. What does it look like?

– Think about how someone else would see, and solve, the problem.

– Finally, if all else has failed, reevaluate if you are solving the RIGHT problem.

– Maybe the issue isn’t how to add space to your office, but the real problem is how to accommodate more patients into a work day.

– Take a step back to decide if you have been thinking about the problem too narrowly from the beginning.

– Thanks for watching today’s podcast.

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– I hope you have a great weekend.

– Keep moving forward.