Key Email Metrics for Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 783

If you’re not tracking and measuring the results of your dental email campaigns, you’re throwing away money and losing potential patients. I’ll tell you what key email metrics you should be paying attention to. See you right after the break.

– I’m Colin Receveur, Founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– This is the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Email marketing can be very effective in getting new dental patients.

– But only if it’s done right, and that includes tracking what’s working and what’s not.

– Most dentists look at open rates – how many people actually opened an email.

– All that tells you is that you’ve got good subject lines.

– But open rates won’t put new patients in chairs.

– Focus instead on the click-through rate, or how many people click on at least one link in the email out of the total number of email recipients.

– Track conversion rates, the number of people who signed up, gave an email address, booked an appointment, or completed some other action.

– To accurately track click-through and conversion rates, you’ll need unique URLs in each email.

– Keep track of the hard bounce rate, where the email isn’t delivered due to a bad email address.

– The email accounts could be closed, invalid, or never have existed.

– Follow your share rate closely.

– When your email recipients click on a share link, more potential new patients are exposed to you and your practice.

– Finally, watch your list growth rate.

– It can take numerous “touches” before a new patient decides to choose you.

– More valid accounts on your email lists mean you’re reaching and touching a wider audience.

– And that should mean more new patients.

– You might think that tracking your email metrics has to be automated, and you’d be right.

– In fact, our experience shows that completely automating your email campaigns produces the best results.

– We’re a top 5 Infusionsoft partner, and we recommend it for all our dentists.

– Drip email marketing keeps you in front of patients until they’re ready to buy.

– But email campaigns should be just one part of your marketing.

– Dr. Justin Leath in Rochester, Michigan, agrees.

– “I actually met Colin at a seminar down in McKinney, Texas,” he recalls.

– “I introduced myself to him and he had some great marketing ideas with drip marketing …

“… and having a powerhouse team to do the online presence, the SEO with Google, and doing online drip marketing.”

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– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.