Just Don’t “Do” Duplicate Dental Content

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Patient Attraction Episode 824

Content is king when it comes to being seen in Google search results. But that content has to be unique or you’ll pay a Google penalty. In some cases, that penalty can be severe. I’ll be right back to tell you why buying prepackaged dental content is a really bad idea.

– Welcome to the Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Google has changed its focus in online search results many times over the years.

– The most recent change has been to emphasize the best answers to searchers’ queries.

– Google wants content that is responsive to those queries.

– They also want content that is expert, authoritative, and trustworthy.

– But above all, Google wants unique content.

– Duplicate dental content, even on websites you own, is the kiss of death as far as Google’s concerned.

– In fact, it can even get you removed from search results.

– Google’s gotten very good at analyzing small differences in content.

– The result is that just making a few changes won’t fly.

– There are a number of companies advertising prepackaged dental content.

– If every piece of that content was unique, there’d be no problem.

– But any company wanting to make money is going to have to sell that packaged content to many, many clients.

– And I guarantee you that not all of it, by a long shot, will be unique to you.

– In fact, most of it may not be.

– You’ll be sharing content with many other dentists.

– And only the oldest content, by posting date, is displayed in search.

– You’ll pay a chunk for something that will get you nothing.

– It’s tempting to think that you can shortcut the process of producing great dental content.

– But Google is wise to the various tricks, and the penalties just aren’t worth it.

– At SmartBox, our writers produce great dental content for our dentists.

– They also run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure they’re not unintentionally plagiarizing someone else, or even substantially duplicating their own work.

– As even more content is uploaded to the Internet, the risk of unintentional plagiarism or duplicate content grows.

– There aren’t any shortcuts, but professional help is available.

– To learn more, contact SmartBox.

– Until next time, keep moving forward.