It’s Time For Dentists to Bring The Pain

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I want to challenge you to do something you’ve spent your whole career trying to avoid: BRING THE PAIN. When we return, I will share some of the biggest secrets about how bringing the pain can help you attract more and better patients. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– There’s a CRUCIAL element missing from your testimonials: PAIN.

– Pain is bad when it happens in the dental chair but good when you are motivating people to select YOUR dental practice.  

– Pain points motivate people to make purchases.

– For the dental implant practice, that may come in the form of content hammering the challenges of missing teeth.

– Or the orthodontist can provide pain points about the problems of crooked teeth.

– You may think that the testimonial that is all rainbows and butterflies is the most effective, but ask yourself if that is how YOU make purchase decisions as a consumer?

– Of course you don’t.

– In fact, most of us don’t trust testimonials that do not address our pain points because it’s not the way we make decisions.

– Your prospective patients can spot a fake testimonial a mile away, too.

– Bad testimonials typically lack content and barely scratch the surface of a real human emotion.  

– Your patients want to see how YOU can solve their problems and help them achieve a healthier mouth.

– Pain points can touch on timing, health, social pressure, vanity … the list goes on and on.

– You hit these points through real testimonials that tell the story of real patients.

– Great testimonials address these basic questions:

– What did the patient miss out on or affect them in a negative way due to their dental problem?

– What was the obstacle that originally prevented the patients from receiving the treatment?

– What did the patient find as a result of having the treatment?

– What are other benefits or indirect consequences the patient saw after the treatment?

– And would the patient recommend the treatment or your dental practice?

–  Great testimonials can address all of these problems and compel the listener or reader to schedule an appointment, because, as I mentioned before, they can see themselves in the person giving the testimonial.

– A clever way to address these pain points is by constructing a “reverse testimonial.”

– Start with your patients’ reasons or concerns about getting the treatment.

– Then let them address how choosing to accept treatment was worth overcoming their fear, or the cost, or whatever was holding them back.

– As real customers and patients, we want to see patients in YOUR testimonials that reflect our problems.

– Believe it or not, PAIN is what drives our decisions and compels us to buy.

– Bring the pain, you can get more and better patients in your dental practice.

– Join us again tomorrow when I’ll have information you won’t want to miss about how to create the perfect video testimonials.

– Until then, keep moving forward,


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