It’s Raining Future Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 807

It’s no secret that competition for new dental patients is increasing across the country. In addition to the rise of corporate dentistry, more dentists are deferring retirement. But the greatest threat comes from an increase in new dental schools and the number of new dentists. I’ll be back after the break to tell you what you need to do to survive.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If you’re not facing increased competition in your market for new dental patients, you will be.

– The number of new dentists each year is exceeding the number of dentists who are retiring or closing their practices.

– And the increase in new dentists is forecast to outpace the growth in the U.S. population.

– That means fewer patients per dentist and with declining reimbursements and less money per patient.

– And it looks as if the trend is only going to get worse.

– In New York state, the first new dental school in 50 years is scheduled to open this year.

– At peak enrollment, it will produce 440 new dentists every year.

– In Arkansas, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences voted to authorize a feasibility study for a new public dental college.

– More dental schools opening means more and more new dentists.

– What are you doing to ready your practice to weather the flood of new competitors?

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– Tune in to our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.