Is Your Dental Staff Killing Your Marketing?

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Patient Attraction Episode 726

There’s work, and then there’s passion. If your dental staff isn’t fired up and enthused about each new patient, you’re missing a lot of opportunities for increased collections. I’ll be back to tell how to make your practice staff become “Team You.” Stay tuned.

– Enthusiasm is contagious.

– If your staff isn’t enthusiastic about your practice, why should your patients be?

– Hi, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Let’s face it: Like most of the “helping professions,” a lot of dentistry is repetition.

– After a while, that repetition can lead every day to become “just another day.”

– I’m guessing that you got into dentistry, at least in part, because you were passionate about helping people.

– Maybe your staff did, too.

– Think back to when you first opened your doors.

– What was the mood around the office?

– Happy, excited, expectant, eager?

– Now, think about yesterday at your practice.

– Has the fire gone out?

– If it has, your staff won’t be passionate about promoting your practice to others.

– And that can cost you.

– So, how do you rekindle passion for what you do?

– Take a typical startup company.

– There’s a huge sense of “anything is possible.”

– That’s exciting.

– Your staff has to know and buy into the possible.

– Your staff has to know that success will be rewarded.

– That what each of them does is important and valued.

– And that every one of them helps to improve lives every day.

– It’s your job to convince them why every patient is important.

– And that every patient is crucial to your shared success.

– Be the cheerleader for your staff.

– If you believe, and communicate your passion, they’ll believe.

– And their passion will make them your best marketers.

– But it’s up to you, as their leader, to make it happen.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast on adding visual content to boost your SEO.

– Until then, keep moving forward.