Is Streaming Video for Dentists?

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Patient Attraction Episode 713

Yesterday, I covered why and when dentists should put out a live, or streaming, video. And we took a quick look at some of the preliminary things you need to do to ensure a quality video. Today, I’ll talk about how to promote your live video, how to prepare for the webcast, and how to measure the results. I’ll be back after the break.

– So, you’ve pretty well got your technical ducks in a row for a live video.

– Now, you need to set a date and get the word out to the people you want to watch it.

– Your patient email list is the obvious place to start.

– But there’s also your website.

– And your blog, if you have one.

– Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to alert viewers.

– But whatever channel you pick to get the word out, you have to give them a good reason to watch.

– Pick a short, catchy, descriptive title.

– Don’t send out just one round of “invitations.”

– Plan for at least two.  

– It may be hard to believe, but not everyone checks email, your Facebook page, or your blog every day.

– Now, the date is set and you’re confident that the webcast will go out and look good.

– The next step is to write a script.

– Research shows that you’ve got just 5 to 8 seconds to hook your viewer.

– You can’t leave that to chance.

– And you want a professional-quality production.

– That means no “ums” or “ers,” no fumbling for words, and no long silences.

– You also want to watch the time.

– Few people will sit through an hour-long live video.

– So write your script, polish it, and rehearse it.

– Now, decide whether you’re going to allow for online comments during your webcast.

– If so, you’ll have to choose whether to build in pauses to let you respond, or wait until you’ve finished.

– So, everything’s ready, and you do your first live video.

– How are you going to measure the impact and your ROI?

– The best way is to build in a call-to-action, or CTA.

– That could be somewhere in middle of the script or at the end.

– If you’re tech-savvy, it could be in a “super” of words over the video.

– You can pick one or more social media for people to respond to the CTA.

– You can ask for comments, Facebook Likes, tweets, or even responses to your invitation emails.

– If you have a newsletter, you can suggest they subscribe.

– That will give you some idea of the reach of your video.

– The next step is to keep a close eye on new patient conversions.

– If you find that you get a bump in new patients from your live video, consider doing another.

– Follow these steps, and you can look forward to a successful live video, and hopefully more new patients.

– In tomorrow’s podcast, I’ll discuss why keeping your staff happy may be one of the best marketing investments you can make.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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