Is Facebook Advertising the Next Frontier for Dentists?

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Patient Attraction Episode 455

Earlier this year, Facebook announced it had surpassed 2 million advertisers. We’ll talk about what that means for dentists when we return.

– Hi, Colin here and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If you have watched this podcast for any length of time, you know that I do not encourage our clients to devote significant resources into using organic social media, especially Facebook.

– Facebook is where people go to keep up with their friends and family, and to share personal experiences.

– So while it might be great for your PATIENTS to talk about you on Facebook, devoting your time or paying someone else to spend time posting on Facebook is not going to bring you new and better patients.

– It is an OK way to stay in touch with, stay in front of, and to upsell existing patients with special offers.

– But ROI on organic social media is very hard to prove, and very low from my experience.

– Too few prospects will ever see your posts to make it effective.

– Paid Facebook advertising, on the other hand, can be effective.

– Facebook has a feature where you can import a list of contacts and then show ads to only that list of people.

– This could be a list of existing patients.

– This could be a list of prospects.

– Or it could be a mixture.

– We use this technique and find it to be effective.

– I don’t find standard and sponsored page advertising to be as effective, and that is what Facebook was touting earlier this year.

– At the time, Facebook had 2 million advertisers out of 30 million businesses with Facebook pages.

– That’s about 13 percent.

– So 13 percent of the businesses that see a value in a Facebook page see the value in promoting that page on Facebook.

– Not a high number, I don’t think.

– Most of those are small- and medium-sized businesses.

– As yourself this: If Facebook ads are effective, why aren’t the big boys, the biggest advertisers, using it?

– Finally, I’ll leave you with this: right now, Facebook gets about 8 percent of the digital advertising market share.

– Google, where I recommend you allocate most of your paid digital media, has a 31-percent share.

– So I think my point of this podcast has become clear:

– You should not ignore Facebook.

– Facebook notice helps your SEO, branding, public relations, and even occasionally will help get you a patient or two.

– But it is not worth devoting resources to.

– It is not worth devoting big money to organic or promoted reach.

– It is worth using some targeted advertising.

– And it is NOT the next frontier for dental advertising.

– You will not fund your retirement or you kids’ college funds by using Facebook.

– Come back tomorrow and I’m going to blow talk about effective Facebook advertising.

– Until then, keep moving forward.