Is Dentistry the Best Job in the US?

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Patient Attraction Episode 330

Less than a month ago, U.S. News & World Report released its top 100 list of US jobs. I think you might be surprised where “dentist” ranked. I’ll tell you when we come back.

– How does one decide what is the best job in the US?

– The publication US News & World Report looked at 7 factors and gave them different weights:

-10-Year Growth Volume, or the total number of jobs that should be created in 10 years

-10-Year Growth Percentage, or percentage growth over 10 years

-Median Salary

-Job Prospects

-Employment Rate

-Stress Level

-Work-Life Balance

– Guess what came out number 1?

– That’s right, dentist.

– According to the publication, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be 23,300 new dentists by 2022.

– That’s an increase of about 16 percent.

– Median salary is $146,340

– Job prospects and stress level are listed as average, while work flexibility is above average.

– You can find more details at

– So where does your dental practice fit in this picture?

– If you have associate dentists, do they make $146,000 per year?

– And what about your stress level?
– Would you consider it average?

– Is your flexibility above average?

– Neither is the case for most dentists I talk to.

– They are working too hard, spending too much and getting too little in return.

– According to this report, it’s only going to get worse for you.

– By 2022, you will have 16 percent more competition.

– So for every 6 dentists in your community, add one more.

– What are you doing to get yourself more patients, more profits and more freedom?

– What are you doing to survive the onslaught of new competitors?

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.