Incredible: Dental Prospects Want Social Media to Be Social, Not Sales

Patient Attraction Episode 228

Happy Friday, October 3, everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on social media marketing. After four days of showing you why your social marketing fails, we’ll wrap up the series today by looking at what Gallup suggests will work. Stay tuned.

– Welcome back. I’m Colin Receveur.

– We’ve been looking all week at Gallup’s recent poll results showing that social media is NOT an effective marketing tool.

– So what can you do to make social media work for you?

– Here is what Gallup says, and I quote:

– “Consumers are more likely to engage with companies through social media when they believe those companies’ intentions are genuine. They look for real people and real communities. Therefore, companies that want to become part of the conversation must shift their social media initiatives to be more authentic, responsive, and compelling.”

– So people don’t want to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever and hear a sales pitch.

– Let’s look at the three qualities Gallup identified in a successful social media strategy:

– 1. Authentic. Consumers, quote, “want to interact with a human, not a brand. Companies should back away from the hard sell and focus on creating more of an open dialog with consumers.”

– 2. Responsive. Quote, “Companies need to actively listen to what their customers are saying and respond accordingly. If mistakes were made, they must own up to them and take responsibility.”

– 3. Compelling. Quote, “This content should be original to the company and not related to sales or marketing. Consumers need a reason to visit and interact with a company’s social media site and to keep coming back to it.”

– So again, I will tell you what I started this series with:

– There is nothing wrong with spending your time posting on Facebook.

– You can post all the cute cat pictures on Instagram that you can find.

– You can rip of four tweets an hour that display how witty you are.

– And some people will LOVE all of that.

– They’ll get a great sense of who you are.

– They’ll have a positive impression of your practice.

– But, as Gallup’s statistics have shown, THEY STILL WON’T BECOME YOUR PATIENT.

– So ask yourself: do you want to be popular on social media, or do you want more freedom, more patients and more profits?

– Come back Monday and I’ll give you some insights from Forrester Research about customer service.

– Have a great weekend and keep moving forward.



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