How Will Dentists Handle the Holidays?

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Patient Attraction Episode 933

No two dental markets are exactly the same, and no two markets respond exactly the same to the end-of-year holidays. How will you deal with your holiday rush, or lack of a rush? Stay tuned – I’ll be back after the break to share some marketing tips for getting more patients in chairs during December.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction PodcastTM.

– I don’t think that December should be a wasted opportunity for dentists.

– It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a great year and you’re coasting to the finish.

– Or if you’ve had a terrible year, and you’re just hoping that 2017 will be better.

– December can still be an excellent moneymaker for dental practices without burning out the staff.

– The trick is to get the highest possible case value so that you and your staff don’t have to work as hard to make a lot of money.

– Let’s look at one of the reasons that people visit the dentist during the holiday season.

– Those people want to look their best for those holiday parties and photos.

– You might think that means whitening treatments, and it does, but it can mean so much more.

– Few people have perfect teeth, so why not explore a package deal on whitening, dental bonding, and veneers?

– If you can upsell your patients on additional treatments that they really want anyway, and save them money in the process, everybody wins.

– The key is to sell the benefits of the package rather than the techniques.

– That holds true for all your marketing, year-round.

– People don’t care about techniques, they care about how the work you do will make them feel and how it’ll change their lives.

– For the “holiday” package, your patients will have smiles that dazzle and tons of self-confidence.  

– They can relax and enjoy themselves during the holidays.

– Another reason people see the dentist in December is to take advantage of their health savings accounts and remaining dental benefits.

– You should be sending out end-of-year letters to your patient base right now reminding them that HSAs and insurance are “use-or-lose.”

– But again, stress the benefits in your letters: saving (or not losing) money, getting work done they’ve always wanted, and so on.

– Sell people on the value, and they won’t quibble nearly as much about price.

– The holidays aside, there’s a way to not have slow periods at all.

– Dr. CJ Landry, a dentist in Marrero, Louisiana, discovered that secret.

–  “In dentistry, it’s cyclical. You’ll have busy times and slow times.

– “Since we started with SmartBox, we’re not really having the slow times. I’m actually working harder and more than I did before, by my choice. 

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