How to Use Your Awesome Video Content

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Patient Attraction Episode 325

Welcome back for the fourth installment in our series on video content. Today I am going to tell you what to do with your awesome new video content. Stay tuned to find out.

– The next step in awesome video content is to use that awesome content to attract patients to your website.

– Video content is booming.

– It is everywhere you look because we are a visual society, and we respond to video.

– So where do you begin?

– Do you just throw it on YouTube and say a little prayer?

– Your first step is to get your awesome videos all over your website.

– Patients want to see what is going on in your office, and your website is your central hub of information.

– You might even consider replacing your text FAQ page by answering questions through video!

– You also will want to start posting your videos on YouTube.

– Google is now listing optimized YouTube videos ABOVE all of the organic rankings on the search results page.

– The question then becomes, “How do I optimize my dental videos?”

– Let’s start with the title and description.

– Both should be compelling and relevant.

– You want a visitor to be intrigued by the information you provide, but you don’t want to give too much away, either.

– A short summary of the content with a good number of keywords is the recipe for a perfect video description.

– But don’t stop there!

– Let’s not forget the power of tags and categories.

– Tags are a great way to use keywords, but don’t go overboard.

– 5 to 10 tags is sufficient for optimizing a video.

– You also should include a category for your video, as this will also boost optimization.

– I usually recommend using the education or health care category.

– Finally, you can optimize your video by syndicating your video.

– In other words, put that video in as many places as you can.

– Google won’t penalize you for duplicate videos, so share that content as much as possible!

– Each place you share should include a backlink to bring viewers directly to your website.

– Now that your videos are out there, let’s talk about how you can use videos to engage patients.

– In previous podcasts, we talked about the importance of interacting with patients using social media.

– These interactions build trust, communication, and authority on a topic.

– Instead of posting an article or written blog, why not post a 30- to 90-second video?

– Patients are much more likely to engage in a video than in something written.

– You can even add a call to action that asks patients to share or comment on your video posting.

– When you use video, you are capturing your patients’ attention and encouraging interaction.

– Take the next steps toward optimizing video content.

– Join me tomorrow as I wrap up our series on the power of video and summarizing my book, “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years.”

– Until then, keep moving forward.