How to Dominate Your Market With Quality Content

Patient Attraction Episode 594: How to Dominate Your Market With Quality Content


There’s a critical element of your patient attraction system that you may be overlooking, or at least misusing. Your patients and local community expect YOU to have a trustworthy and state-of-the-art website with the latest information about their oral health. Are you delivering that information to them? We’ll discuss when we return.

– Colin here, and welcome back to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Quality marketing content.

– It seems like an easy concept to wrap our brains around, but the fact is that the Internet is littered with bad or poorly crafted content.

– The Google algorithm is more sophisticated than ever.

– You can no longer get away with keyword stuffing, awkward placement of keywords, thin or irrelevant copy, and above all, BAD CONTENT.

– I read a lot of blogs and studies about SEO and web marketing content, and I’m shocked to see quality content listed as one of the 10 most important aspects of effective digital marketing.

– Don’t be fooled.

– Good content isn’t one of the 10 most important aspects of your marketing.

– It isn’t just an important part of your digital marketing.

– It’s the MOST IMPORTANT part!

– Consider this: Would who build a house on a shoddy foundation?

– When you have bad copy or bad writing, you’re building your digital marketing on a shaky foundation, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing comes crumbling down.

– Quality content is non-negotiable in the digital era.

– If you’re like most dentists, you’re trying everything you can to distinguish yourself from the dentist down the street.

– Content marketing is ONE OF THE BEST ways to boost your search-engine value and engage new and prospective patients.

– If you’re not focused on inundating your site with tremendous new and fresh copy, you’re already falling behind.

– Some dentists are able to take on this task themselves, while others hire expert technical writers and bloggers.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we have a team of writers working to provide our clients with quality content that engages new patients and nurtures them until they are ready to commit to a client’s practice.

– The key is to develop content that is intriguing and sparks interest in your readers or site visitors.

– Regularly create new copy and update your site with information relevant to what your patients and prospective patients NEED TO KNOW.

– Use the latest facts and research to springboard into a conversation about how only you can solve that patient’s dental problems.

– When you create quality content and give your prospects something educational and informative, you become the expert in their eyes, and you become the first call when they need a dentist they can trust.

– Take some time today to think about what you’re doing to distinguish yourself from your competitors with quality content marketing.

– Tomorrow I’ll have information you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS about effective email marketing for your dental practice.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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