How Systems-Based Patient Attraction Simplifies Practice-Growth Investment Decisions

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Patient Attraction Episode 288

Welcome back to our series on systems-based patient attraction. During our last podcast, I told you that one of the four steps to patient attraction is tracking, meaning you know the results for the money you spend. We’ll talk more about that when we return.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here on Friday, Dec. 26.

– I hope you had a great Christmas holiday.

– Today we’re going to talk about how making investment decisions for practice growth becomes a much simpler task when you use systems-based patient attraction.

– A practice that can fully measure and account for each marketing dollar’s productivity can save an enormous amount of wasted money.

– In addition, dental practices can test new marketing or practice-building initiatives on a small and measurable scale to ensure that they are worth the investment.

– Practices can easily track patient sources to invest in the most profitable marketing streams.

– Ultimately, systems-based patient attraction allows for a dental practice to develop an entirely new business asset: the very system that delivers a steady stream of qualified patients to the practice.

– So why is it a system?

– Why can’t you do two or three of the four and get results?

– Attraction (Step 1) without the necessary follow-up (Step 3) leads to wasted money.

– Follow-up (Step 3) without the proper conversion (Step 2) transforms your practice into an unwanted pest.

– Seeing a system attract patients (Step 1) without having any clue which parts of the system are actually responsible for those patients (Step 4) makes it impossible to keep doing what’s working and to stop doing what’s not.

– With all four steps of the process together, everything works to attract the dentist more and better patients.

– I’ll keep today’s podcast short since it’s Friday.

– In our next podcast in the series, we’ll look at how systems-based patient attraction can help grow your practice even if you are out of room and time slots.

– Have a great weekend and keep moving forward.