How Social Media is Pulling the Wool Over Dentists’ Eyes (Part 3)

Patient Attraction Episode 616: How Social Media is Pulling the Wool Over Dentists’ Eyes (Part 3)

Today I’m going wrap up my discussion about social media’s reach by discussing one of Google’s social media applications. You probably know that I often praise Google’s applications, but stay tuned, and I’ll tell you why I’m not ready to sing the praises of Google+ for dentists.

– Colin here, and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Saturday and Sunday, I reviewed the challenges with using Facebook and Twitter to reach dental prospects and provided statistics that show the social media sites’ poor organic reach.

– Before I discuss Google+, I want to retouch on a point I made earlier this week: People are not going to Facebook, Twitter or any social media in their search for a dentist.

– No matter what social media platform you have, it’s a flawed way to draw in more and better patients.

– Social media isn’t exactly a fad, but some major social media outlets have not panned out.

– Earlier this year, Google announced that it was splitting from its social media feature Google+.

– This move left many social media marketers scratching their heads and wondering about the fate of Google’s social media presence.

– Google+ was Google’s response to Facebook and Twitter and was attached to services like YouTube.

– It’s been several months since Google announced the change, and the Google+ you once knew is now gone.

– Certain elements of the application like Hangouts still exist, but the application no longer operates like it did only a few months ago.

– The story of Google+ is a great cautionary tale about why you should be wary of social media marketing and its organic reach.

– Studies show that Google+ users only spent about 7 minutes every MONTH on the application compared with the 21 minutes people spend on Facebook every DAY.

– Google+ also had a much lower user rate than Facebook, boasting only about 37 percent of active Facebook users.

– The glaring statistic there was the lack of use.

– How can you relay your message to potential patients when they simply are not using the platform you are using?

– Today, we have Google+ Connections, which functions much like Pinterest.

– The platform includes an option for single users, companies, and brands to create topic-based posts and groups.

– The new application also does not require users to have a Google+ account to access many of the features.

– Many SEO experts and technology bloggers have called this change an improvement to Google’s social media presence.

– What we can determine from this change is that companies and brands are starting from the ground up to create a successful marketing platforms using the new social media application.

– Join me again tomorrow, when I’ll have a special bonus podcast about social media.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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