How Patients’ Pain is Dentists’ Gain

Patient Attraction Episode 582: How PatientsPain is DentistsGain


Research consistently shows that 75 percent of Americans have some fear of the dentist. This can be anywhere from mild apprehension to straight up panic. Up to 10 percent of the people in this country are so afraid that they actively avoid going to the dentist. This partially explains why 35 percent of our countrymen haven’t seen a dentist in the last year. Today, I’m going to tell you how addressing that fear can help both dental prospects and dentists. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and I’m going to give away a major dental marketing secret today.

– Fear sells!

– That’s right, fear sells.

– It can be fear of losing your youthful appearance, fear of giving up the foods you love, fear of being embarrassed when your dentures pop out of your mouth at your high school reunion – or fear of pain.

– We use addressing fears to help our clients attract more and better patients every day.

– And it’s the fear of pain that I want to address today.

– If you want to market yourself as a painfree dentist, first you must decide why.

– Is it just a ploy to get more patients to come through the door?

– If so, it’s going to be hard for you and your staff to really embrace a painfree philosophy.

– You’ll be one of the thousands of dentists since the beginning of dentistry who has CLAIMED to be painfree when patients experienced quite the contrary.

– Eventually word gets around that you only SAY you are painfree.

– Think about yesterday’s podcast on online reviews.

– But if you believe you can help more patients and HELP THEM MORE by making them less fearful, then painfree dentistry could be a big win for you and your patients.

– Understand, being painfree is an investment.

– It is at least an investment in a change of attitude within your practice from the top person (you) to the bottom.

– It also may require products like vibrating or computerized shots that reduce pain of injections from impatient dentists.

– It may require changing the atmosphere of your office to include soothing music, warm towels, and pillows.

– It may require additional training and certification in additional forms of sedation.

– Let me just stop for a moment to talk about sedation.

– I am a big proponent of being able to promote sedation dentistry.

– To be able to tell prospects, “Come and see me, and you won’t feel a thing” is a BIG differentiator.

– To have patient testimonials that say, “I used to be so afraid of the dentist, but I got a root canal and didn’t feel a thing” or “I had a tooth pulled and didn’t even realize he was doing it” is INVALUABLE.

– But sedation isn’t the end-all, be-all.

– You can still provide a painfree experience if you are willing to make it a PRIORITY.

– So when that fearful patient eventually has to choose a dentist, and everyone does eventually, you can be the dentist who stands out as having a painfree office.

– Thanks for watching today.

– As always, keep moving forward.


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