How Getting Out of the Dental Office Will Boost Your Image

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Patient Attraction Episode 693

A positive online presence is essential for a dentist’s success and practice growth. A complete marketing approach, though, includes your professional presence in your community. After we come back, I’ll discuss ways to do good for your fellow citizens and why you should definitely be seen doing it. We’ll be right back.

– There’s an old rule about writing: show, don’t tell.

– I think dentists who want to be successful should do both.

– Hi, I’m Colin, and welcome to today’s episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If you’ve been following these podcasts, you know that we’re very big on quality patient testimonial videos on your website and YouTube.

– Those videos show others how well you did your work, how comfortable the patient was during the experience, and how they were treated by your staff.

– But why should your professional image just stay online?

– For instance, if you advertise your practice as being caring, you’re telling.

– But if you get out into your community, you have the chance to SHOW people that you care.

– That may seem cynical.

– But didn’t you get into dentistry to help people with their problems?

– Now, every dentist’s circumstances are different.

– You’ll have to adjust these recommendations to what you can afford to do, both time- and money-wise.

– First, consider doing pro bono work for a public health initiative.

– For instance, some communities are working to provide at least some dental care for the homeless and the uninsured.

– If your area doesn’t have an initiative like that, consider starting one.

– If you’re a GP, you could bring in non-competitors like orthodontists and endodontists.

– Second, contact one or more of your local school districts.

– They may offer – or need – classes on oral hygiene.

– Here’s your chance to get your face and name in front of the community as an expert.

– And while kids don’t refer kids to dentists, teachers and administrators certainly might work with parents to get kids treated.

– And teachers and administrators also know other adults.

– Third, you might be able to work through your church or a civic organization to do outreach screenings and maybe some pro bono work.

– Fourth, health fairs are great places for your practice to get in front of the community.

– Finally, if your local paper or television station runs a story on the outreach, the class presentation, the screenings, or the health fair, link to it on your website.

– If you have the opportunity to appear on one of your local TV or radio stations, take it.

– If you have the chance to record a testimonial video from one of the people you treated or otherwise helped through a community initiative, TAKE IT!

– Just make sure that whatever you produce is of good quality before you upload it to your website or YouTube.

– You’ve helped others, and your prospective patients should be able to see that for themselves.

– Join me tomorrow for a look at why you’re getting health care consumers rather than patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.  


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