How Do You Create Your Dental Brand?

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Patient Attraction Episode 381

What is your dental brand? If you think it is just your name, logo, and colors, you’re only scratching the surface. I’ll tell you how take your brand to another level when we return.

– Hi, Colin here and I hate the term “branding.”

– Too often I have seen companies waste dentists’ money on branding, which generally means designing a logo and a slogan, coming up with a color scheme, then putting them on every paper and digital document they can find.

– Sometimes this will even extend to the doctor’s office colors and even the colors staff wear around the office.

– It seems like a lot of overkill with little ROI.

– However, I do believe every dentist should have a brand.

– The brand it what sets you apart from every other dentist in your area.

– This obviously includes your practice name, logo, colors, etc.

– But it is so much more than that.

– It is what the practice believes in and how it is different from every OTHER truly gentle dentist who treats his patients like family, has the best staff in town and only does what is in the patient’s best interest.

– Here is how you REALLY go about finding your brand.

  1. First, you’ve got to figure out what makes you different.

– Why should people come and see you instead of the guy down the street?

– Do you have more expertise or CE? Good.

– Do you have more experience? Good.

– Do you have better equipment? Good.

– Are you cheaper? That’s a bad brand.

  1. Then, decide how you and your staff are going to represent and sell your brand.

– What is the “elevator speech” everyone associated with your practice should know by heart?

– Why are you a dentist, and how does that affect what makes you different?

– Why is how you are different better for patients?

– It should touch people’s emotions and reason.

– If you can’t articulate it, you’re not clear enough on it.

– Go back to step 1.

  1. Once you can articulate the brand, work on how you represent the brand.

– This is where logo, fonts, colors, taglines, design, etc., all come into play.

– These are visual representations of your brand, not the other way around.

– This is what ties your various marketing pieces together and what people think of as your brand identity.

  1. Brand consistency is important – but not set in stone.

– When you design your brand identity, you want to use it without deviation wherever possible.

– But you don’t plan for every contingency, and sometimes something comes along that requires going outside the brand identity.

– Sometimes that is just a minor tweak, and sometimes that is a major addition or change.

– The same is true for the brand itself.

– Over time, your position in the marketplace, your goals, your staff and your beliefs change.

– The brand needs to be flexible enough to change too.

  1. That’s why you need to remember that a brand is a living thing.

– It may stay the same at its core and grow and change.

– Then again, it may change entirely.

– Be willing to accept that change happens and be open to it.

– Better to adjust your brand to the realities of your dental practice than to misrepresent who you are and what you do.

– Good luck in developing your brand so that you can attract the patients you want.

– We’ll finish the week tomorrow by looking at ways to create content that people not only read, but share and keep.

Until then, keep moving forward.