How Do Dentists Define Content-Marketing Success?

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Patient Attraction Episode 498

You’ve planned and launched your content marketing campaign. Now what? I’ll tell you when we return.

– Colin here, and welcome to the final day of our look at dental content marketing.

– For the last few days, we’ve looked at the why and how of using content to market your dental practice.

– We’ve talked about how to promote that content so that more people see it.

– So what’s left?

– For some dentists, nothing.

– They would put in all that work, send their content into the world, and then expect the new patients to come rolling in.

– But you, the ones savvy enough to watch this podcast, know that you have to track and revise.

– So how do dentists know whether their content marketing campaign worked?

– First, let’s go back to our first podcast in this series.

– What were your goals?

– What it to generate more or better leads?

– That’s pretty easy to track with web forms and tracking numbers.

– Was it to generate new appointments?

– Same thing: pretty easy to cross reference who signed up to get your content with who scheduled new patient exams.

– Was it to generate brand recognition?

– That’s a little harder to track.

– That might require looking at “softer” numbers like website visits, Facebook fan increases, or blog comments.

– Second, look at your ROI.

– How much did you put into the campaign in terms of hours and dollars?

– What did that cost you?

– Now compare that with how many new appointments or leads you generated.

– What is a new lead or patient worth to your dental practice?

– It will be clear whether the number of new leads or patients totaled the cost of the campaign.

– Of course, content marketing doesn’t “end” until you pull the content.

– Your content will continue to do its job as long as you make it available.

– So you must look at the results over time to evaluate its success.

– Finally, and this will sound so simple, find what works and keep doing it.

– Find what doesn’t work and stop doing it.

– I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at content marketing.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.