How Dentists Do Well in Public

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Patient Attraction Episode 839

Public appearances like educational lectures boost your visibility in your market. But most dentists aren’t trained in public speaking, which makes every appearance a risk. Fortunately, there are some low-risk strategies for getting better at public speaking and avoiding the possibility of blowing up your marketing efforts. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Public speaking engagements are basically free marketing since all they cost is some of your time.

– And they usually take place over lunch or after hours.

– A good educational session can also get you a write-up in your local newspaper or your face and name on local TV.

– What kind of write-up it is depends on how well you do.

– If you’re not comfortable with public speaking, here are some tips to help make the whole experience a success.

– Number 1: Buy yourself some time.

– Accepting last-minute speaking invitations just invites disaster.

– You need time to decide what you’re going to say, in what order, and to adjust your presentation to the time available.

– You should avoid accepting engagements that are less than 10 days away.

– Number 2: Write it down first, then practice out loud.

– Believe me, things that sound good in your head aren’t always easy to say.

– Or they’re not the right things to say.

– Number 3: Edit, edit, edit.

– You’re not writing the Great American Novel.

– You’re trying to effectively convey important information in a way that your audience understands.

– And you’re trying to do yourself some good in the process.

– Be ruthless – if a word isn’t needed, cut it out.

– If sentences are too long, break them up.

– Number 4: Do live practice with a group.

– Stage fright affects almost everyone.

– Use your family, your friends, or even your staff as test audiences.

– Accept their feedback and learn from it.

– Number 5: Trust your preparation.

– By the time you’re ready to go public, you’ll have made many mistakes.

– And survived them.

– Relax into that knowledge and deliver a great presentation.

– Follow these 5 tips and make your public speaking work for your marketing, not against it.

– Until our next podcast, keep moving forward.