How Dentists Can Have The “Keys to the Kingdom” – Call Tracking

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Patient Attraction Episode 680

Call tracking is a topic that we come back to again and again – in previous newsletters, and in practically all of our live presentations. In this podcast, we’ll discuss why call tracking is truly the “Keys to the Kingdom.” I’ll be back with more after the break.

– Call tracking: Why do we talk about it so often? Why have we talked about it for so many years

– Why are we STILL talking about it?

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– We keep talking about call tracking because it’s probably the single most important thing you can do to convert callers to new patients, and the right kinds of patients.

– It’s really the “Keys to the Kingdom.”

What is Call Tracking?

– Briefly, it’s using unique phone numbers for each of your outbound marketing vehicles. Those might include a mailer, a radio spot, TV spot, PPC ads, or anything else.

-Each unique number forwards to your office phone number. BUT – and this is the crucial thing – each call is time stamped and recorded.

– There’s a lot of other valuable information that gets recorded, too.

– What happens to that data? It’s stored on a website that you, or your marketing company, can access. There’s a list of calls with each referral source clearly identified – that’s why the unique telephone numbers.    

– There’s no guesswork as to the exact source of the patient referral. You know exactly what marketing is working and what’s not.

– Before call tracking, dentists and practice managers relied on their “feelings,” or those of the front office staff, to figure out what seemed to be working.

– PRO TIP: Feelings are a lousy way to arrive at management decisions.  

– Or, they relied on inaccurate data in their practice management software. Why is that data inaccurate?

– Because it’s based on patient self-report. How many patients have said they found your practice in a print ad, but you haven’t run one in two years?

– How many patients leave the referral source unchecked on the admission paperwork? Thirty percent  of the time there’s nothing in that field.

– Bad data equals bad management decisions. Call tracking gives you precise and accurate data.

– “Keys to the Kingdom,” right?”


– You, your practice manager, or your marketing company can actually play back the received calls and hear how the staff handle new patient calls.

– THAT is the key to converting callers to new patients, and if you discover a problem with that step you can take corrective action.


– Call tracking can show you how many new patient calls you’re missing.

PRO TIP NUMBER 2: It’s 19 percent. One in five!

– That’s a LOT of missed opportunities, and it directly impacts your bottom line.

– What we’ve found in our 25 years or research is this: NOT using call tracking leads to bad data about your marketing efforts.

– What we’ve also found is that the biggest problem with call tracking is that DENTISTS WON’T USE IT!

– That’s right – far too many dentists have the “Keys to the Kingdom” practically in their hands, but they won’t reach out and grab them!

– Call tracking is probably the single most important thing you can do to increase conversions from callers to new patients. Why wouldn’t you use it?

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– Or, tune into our previous Patient Attraction Podcast number 552, ROI Tracking in Dental Marketing.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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