How Dentists Attract More and Better Patients (Part 9)

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Patient Attraction Episode 428

Do you ever feel like you are just throwing money away on your marketing? Conversely, do you seem to be killing it with one part of your marketing while other parts are OK? It sure would be nice if you knew for sure, right? Come back after the break, and I will tell you why it is crucial that you know how well your marketing is performing. Stay tuned

– Hi, Colin here and welcome to the final day of our look at the presentation I gave at the Townie meeting last month in Las Vegas.

– I hope you’ve found it helpful.

– It really is a summary of the things I have been telling you, Patient Attraction Podcast viewers, over the previous 427 episodes.

– Today, I want to talk about the final pillar in our industry-leading patient attraction system: tracking.

– YOU must know your results to evaluate your marketing.

– That means:

  • Listen to calls
  • Track marketing efforts
  • Watch trends and return
  • Know which marketing produces patients (ROI)
  • Conversion from call to appointment

– We have a client who called me and said he wasn’t seeing any growth in his calls.

– So I looked at the numbers, something he had not done.

– This client had gotten 550 calls the previous month, up from 500 the month before.

– The problem was that he was spoiled by success: his call volume had gone from practically nothing to 100, 300 and 500 in almost no time.

– When it grew by “only” 50 calls, it looked like the calls had stopped.

– Is this you?

– Do you KNOW how well your marketing is working, or do you FEEL LIKE you know?

– Before I conclude today’s podcast, I want to tell you about two case studies I shared in my presentation.

– The first is about Dr. Raleigh Pioch: “How Dr. Pioch Achieved 400% Practice Growth in 6 Years,” and you can find it a

– The second is about Dr. Ron Receveur: “The Secrets Dr. Receveur Used to Grow His Practice from $900k to over $2m Without ‘Selling,” and you can receive it at

– To get a copy of my Townie presentation and much more information, text the word “Attract” to (502) 442-2513.

– That’s Alpha Tango Tango Romeo Alpha Charlie Tango (A T T R A C T) to 502-442-2513.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.