How Dentists Attract More and Better Patients (Part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 421

Not attracting the patients you want? Come back after the break, and I’ll tell you why.

– Colin here, and thanks for joining me for the second day of our look at the presentation I gave last month at the Townie meeting in Las Vegas.

– We’re talking about how a systems-based patient attraction system can bring you the patients YOU want.

– So in the average market area with an average marketing campaign, you should be attracting:

– 50 phone calls after 6 months online

– and 100 phone calls after 12 months online

– Big market areas = more new patients

– Higher patient to dentist ratio = more new patients

– More aggressive marketing  = more new patients

– Are those the numbers you are seeing?

– Probably not.

– Here are the common reasons for lack of success:

  • Lack of new patients
  • Corporate dentistry take-over
  • Ineffective marketing systems
  • Need the right kind of patients
  • No freedom and personal life

– Successful marketing is a combination of three things:

– Presenting the right message to the right audience at the right time.

– But what worked, what works, and what will work changes regularly.

– There are an unlimited number of pieces in the puzzle.

– But the core principles remain the same.

– Think about how you buy a new car vs. how you renew your driver’s license.

– You can also think about Mail Order => YellowPages => Internet.

– So how do dentists find success?

– One way is not to mistake tools for the end results.

– For instance, consider Amazon vs. your practice.

– Look at your dream home/lake house.

– You leverage tools to get results.

– How do you define success?

– Let’s look at clicks vs. calls.

– Hits and clicks do not equal results.

– Facebook Likes do not equal results.

– Twitter followers do not equal results.

– Even #1 rankings do not equal results.

– What Are Your Results?

– 35,000 clicks later…

– $150,000 spent later…

– 40 “flip cam” videos later…

– 5,000 Facebook Likes later…

– 150 1st-page Google rankings later…

– …did the phone ring?

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about your we-we problem.

– Just as a reminder, to get a copy of my presentation and much more information, text the word “Attract” to (502) 442-2513.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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