How Content Marketing Attracts More and Better Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 547: How Content Marketing Attracts More and Better Patients


Yesterday I talked about the importance of creating content marketing for your dental website and how this method attracts more leads and produces more sales. What’s even more incredible is that content marketing eliminates “the pitch” and nurtures your prospective patients through quality information, free tips, and education. When we come back, I’ll tell you how our clients “ditched the pitch” from their marketing and advertising campaigns and still managed to quadruple their overall collections. Stay tuned.

– Colin here.

– Welcome to day 2 of our two-part series on content marketing.

– Who is your target audience?

– What is the goal of your dental marketing?

– What patients do you REALLY want to see?

– These seems like simple questions, but nonetheless, they are the foundation for creating a successful content marketing campaign for your practice.

– As I said yesterday, successful content marketing builds a relationship between you and prospective patients or even better relationships between you and your current patients.

– The relationship is important because you have to understand that you most likely will not get case acceptance immediately for big case dentistry.

– In fact, that’s rarely if ever the case.

– Studies show that consumers usually do not buy until at least the seventh touch!

– So how does a dentist stay in front of his patients?

– By developing an effective patient-attraction system that uses web content, automated marketing, press releases, and video.

– You can build rock solid relationships with prospective patients until they are ready to accept treatment.

– Set up an email marketing system that site visitors can sign up for, and reach out to them once every few weeks with helpful oral health tips.

– Use the emails to provide information but also to establish your credibility and willingness to help them overcome their dental health problems.

– Use your online content to educate your site readers and plant a call to action at the bottom of each service page.

– Embed video within your web pages.

– Statistics from 2014 show that your website is about 70 percent more likely to show up on page one of Google if it includes video.

– Most importantly, monitor your content marketing and run reports that show you the effectiveness of your keywords, page views, video views, and calls generated.

– If you are interested in finding out how Dr. Raleigh Pioch went from $800K in collections to $3.2 million in only 6 years facing one of the most competitive markets in the country, get a free download of our case study at

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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