History Shows Dentists Need Backup

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Patient Attraction Episode 458

Today is Thursday, June 18, and a significant day in the history of Western Europe. I’ll tell you what that has to do with dental web marketing when we return.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I am Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing and history buff.

– I have gotten some good comments on my history-based podcasts, so I thought I would give you another one today.

– As college-educated people, I am sure you are all familiar with Napoleon and the way he dominated Europe in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

– It was a long time ago but still has repercussions and lessons for us today.

– I won’t bore you with the tale of Napoleon.

– You are all high school and college graduates.

– But today is the day that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in central Belgium.

– After 23 years of French military mastery, the lilliputian general and an army of 72,000 French troops was defeated by a combined army of 113,000 from Britain, Holland, Belgium, and Prussia.

– And so Napoleon, one of the greatest military strategist and tacticians the world has ever seen, was defeated by overwhelming combined forces.

– As I prepared this podcast, I wanted to draw a parallel between dentists and one of the two sides.

– I realized that dentists often are one or the other side, depending on their situation.

– Sometimes dentists are Napoleon: a skilled, masterful expert being overwhelmed by the forces of commercial dental operations, the economy, insurance companies, etc.

– These are the dentists who need help, who are on the verge of defeat and exile to their own personal island of St. Helena, like Napoleon.

– But some dentists are like the allied armies.

– They have cobbled together a group of people to help them succeed against the most formidable challenge of all: failure.

– These dentists have joined forces with a practice management consultant, a telephone training consultant, dental training experts, and a marketing team to help promote it all.

– These dentists recognize that it takes a coalition of forces in the modern age to overcome failure, which has been defeating fantastic dentists since dentistry began.

– Can you overcome failure?

– Today is an historic day for another reason: It is the birthday of the late British explorer George Mallory.

– George Mallory died trying to climb Mount Everest in 1924.

– It took 75 years to find his body, still frozen, perfectly preserved, 2,000 feet from the summit of the mountain.

– George Mallory is not famous because he failed.

– He is famous because he tried.

– When asked before his fatal attempt why he wanted to climb the highest mountain in the world, he replied simply,  “Because it is there.”

– Why do you want to climb the mountain of stress and aggravation and hassle and frustration to reach the peak of success?

–  “Because it is there.”

– When you’re ready to form your coalition to defeat failure, when you’re ready to start your climb to the peak of success, we’ll be here to help.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.