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Patient Attraction Episode 995

A lot of dental marketing firms promise you the moon but deliver far less. Usually, your only course of action is to fire them and go with another firm. After the break, I’ll be back to tell you how you can get guaranteed results and enjoy the security of a $10,000 guarantee. You won’t want to miss this.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– SmartBox Web Marketing is unlike any dental marketing firm you’ve worked with.

– We’re not a dental marketing firm, for one thing.

– We’re a patient attraction company, and we provide patient attraction services.

– That may sound like I’m splitting hairs.

– But what we do is radically different from traditional dental marketing, and it brings radically better results.

– Our proven, industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ is helping more than 550 dentists on three continents get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– I’m so confident in our ability to generate new patient phone calls to our doctors’ practices that in 2016, we began offering a $10,000 guarantee.

– It’s very simple – we guarantee that you’ll get a certain number of new patient calls to your office a month.

– That number will depend on the service package level you pick.

– We only ask 3 things of you, and the first is that you get us the information we need in a timely fashion so that we can launch your new website.

– Second, you must answer 90 percent of your phone calls during business hours.

– We track and analyze those calls, so we have precise numbers.

– And third, you need to implement our patient attraction strategies and recommendations.

– That’s it – there are no hidden requirements.

– If we fail to generate the number of phone calls we promise for a consecutive 3-month period, we’ll cancel the rest of your contract and send you a check for 10 grand.

– You can get guaranteed results with SmartBox, or you can keep shooting for the moon … and failing.

– If you’re serious about your success, go to and schedule a Patient Attraction System Blueprint™ Session. They are reserved for serious dentists who want to see a patient attraction system that can double their practice. You can get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– And a $10,000 guarantee.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.