Google’s Design Change May Make Ads a Better Value

Patient Attraction Episode 175

Hi, I’m Colin Receveur and today we’re going to look at why Google ads may become a more important part of your online marketing strategy. Stay tuned.


– Today is Tuesday, July 22, and we are going to look at a change Google made earlier this year that could have a big effect on your online marketing.

– You may have noticed back in March, Google changed how it placed ads on its pages.

– Instead of having one Ad label and a shaded background behind the ad links, each paid link now has a little yellow ad box.

–  Is this much of a change from the previous design?

– You might not think so, but research is telling us different.

– Traditionally, research has shown that 70-80 percent of search engine users ignore the paid ads, which are placed at the top of the search results BEFORE the organic results.

– The further down the page you go, the less likely someone is to click the link in a Google search, and almost no one goes past the first page.

– That is why it is so important to not only be on the first page of a Google search, but to dominate the results.

– New testing by a user experience firm called Bunnyfoot showed that 36 percent of people couldn’t tell the difference between ads in the new design and organic results.

– Just to be clear: Bunnyfoot used a fairly small sample size of about 100 people of varying degrees of Internet savvy.

– But the implications here are clear: Google’s new design has significantly increased the likelihood that users will click on a paid like rather than an organic one.

– Now, before you go crazy and dump your SEO budget in favor of Google Adwords, let me give you a word of caution.

– Some of you may have seen the news that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL have joined together to launch a group called

– These Internet companies are trying to find ways to stamp out ads that trick people into buying bogus products, or going to websites that infect user’s computers with malware.

– So, all of these companies that are competing for big advertising dollars and users’ attention have come together under a common banner to fight bad ads.

– As long as there are black-hat guys out there using ads to spoof, steal and infect, users are going to have a natural concern about clicking on ad links.

– So for now, we are recommending to our clients that they continue to focus on providing great web content to boost their local search ranking.

– We’ll talk more about SEO in an upcoming podcast.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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