Google Search Results Made Simple for Dentists

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. We talk a lot about moving your practice up the list on a Google search engine results page. But you may have started seeing some new results when you Google. I’ll explain more when we return.

– Colin here, and when you think of searching, you probably think about terms.

– Let’s say you want to find who is the winningest basketball team in the NCAA men’s basketball.

– In the past you might have searched “most wins NCAA basketball.”

– But because of changes to Google’s search algorithm, you also can search “which men’s basketball team has the most NCAA wins.”

– That’s because of what Google calls the Knowledge Graph.

– The knowledge graph is how Google understands the intent of your search because it understands the relationship between terms.

– It’s because of the knowledge graph that you get some of the following:

  1. Knowledge Graph Box

– This appears to the right of the paid and organic results.

– This box is about people, places and things.

– It might include a photo, a few facts, and a description.

  1. Brand Box

– This box is linked to an entities Google+ page.

– This also is to the right of the paid and organic results.

– This is one of the reasons we emphasize our clients having a Google+ presence.

– What’s great here is that it can include contact info, a map, reviews, blog posts, and a button that allows you to follow that entity on Google+.

  1. A third kind of box is an answer box.

– For instance, if you type in “How many teeth in the human mouth,” Google used to give you a list of websites where you could find the answer.

– Now it will give you a box right in the middle of the page WITH the answer.

– Not every question has an answer box, though.

– I hope this podcast gives you a little more understanding of what you see when you use Google.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about why Google is so important.

– Until then, keep moving forward.