Google Search Console Aids Dentists-SmartBox Web Marketing

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Patient Attraction Episode 526: Google Search Console aids dentists-SmartBox Web Marketing


We’ve been talking a lot about search engine optimization over the last few days. Wouldn’t it be great if Google would just TELL you how your site is doing? There is, and I’m going to tell you all about it when we return. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here.

– Today I want to talk about Google Webmaster Tools.

– For some of you, that is going to turn you off immediately.

– You are not a webmaster, you have someone who handles that for you, and you don’t know anything about websites.

– But here’s the thing: you don’t have to be a webmaster to use Google Webmaster Tools.

– In fact, Google recently renamed Webmaster tools to the Google Search Console.

– The awesome thing about this free software is that it tells you a bunch of great information about your site.

– Used along with Google Analytics, you can get a lot of great information about how your dental prospects see your website.

– Google Search Console also lets you see how GOOGLE sees your site.

– Sure, this includes some techie stuff like site indexing, broken pages, site errors, or whatever.

– But it also includes some information that could direct how you position your practice.

– We’ve been talking about SEO, right.

– Search Console allows you to see if your efforts are working or not.

– You can see how many prospects are clicking on search engine results to get to your website.

– Which search terms on your site show up in Google searches.

– And your average site ranking for those keywords.

– Now, you do have to have a Google account to use Google Search Console.

– Then you have to verify that you do own the account for your website.

– But those steps aren’t that hard and you can probably accomplish them without the help of your webmaster.

– Once you’re inside you can set up your settings to use Search Console.

– I really encourage you to use the Search Analytics tool to see how your SEO efforts are working.

– I’m going to keep today’s podcast kind of short and hope that you’ll start the process of setting up your Google Search Console.

– If you’d like me to evaluate your website and tell you how it can be improved, go to, go to the Learn tab, click Products, and then click on The Swift Kick Dental Website Review about halfway down the page. You can order a customized 30-minute video critique of your site, social media presence, online patient reviews, dental videos and more using our 131-point dental web marketing checklist.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.