Google is Here to Help Dentists, But Are YOU on Its Radar?

Patient Attraction Episode 609: Google is Here to Help Dentists, But Are YOU on Its Radar?

Earlier this year, Google got some new functionality you might not have been aware of – unless you’ve been following this podcast, of course. Google, in its ever-changing way, recently unveiled two new features that show a trend I think will affect dental practices for years to come. I’ll tell you more after the break.

– Colin Receveur here, and thank you for tuning in for the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– There are two new Google applications that show just a glimpse of the next generation in web searches.

– The search engine giant recently launched a feature that will track down your phone and another that will send directions directly to your phone.

– This, of course, isn’t earth-shattering news, but it does give us a small example of the future of Google.

– When Google began, it set out to answer your questions and provide you the best information.

– Now, the mission has changed, and the search engine will not only provide the solution for you but DO the solution as well.

– The takeaway here is that searches are getting more complex and Google is evolving.

– Is your dental practice prepared for another layer of sophistication in web search?

– Or are you still struggling to figure out the best ways to use search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising?

– In a recent podcast about how Google can do more than search the web, I told you about new Google features like Earth View From Google Maps, Google Fonts, Google Forms, and Google Public Data.

– All these new features may or may not interest dentists, but I’m certain that they SHOULD.

– Google and the everyday consumer have gotten extremely intimate over the years.

– In fact, there is hardly anything we will not search for on Google.

– On top of that, Google has an elaborate algorithm that ranks its websites.

– Dentists who understand this method are filling their web pages with search-friendly terms and articles that attract Google’s eye.

– As Google advances its features and develops new ways to meet consumers’ needs, it’s more important than ever for your dental practice to adapt to the search-engines requirements and expectations.

– It’s hard to tell exactly how Google will expand in the coming years, but we can anticipate that the search engine will continue to develop the consumer experience.

– Dental practices who have not developed a platform to build their SEO are already behind the 8-ball.

– Your prospects expect a web presence and want to learn about you and your practice before picking up the phone to schedule a visit.

– It’s clear that the days of the Yellow Pages are long gone, and we’re seeing the most highly informed buyers in history.

– I hope you understand how the new wave of Google changes and features only furthers the need for quality dental web marketing.

– Tomorrow I’ll be back to discuss ways automation can improve your dental practice and bring you more and better patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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