Google Can Do More for Dentists than Search the Web

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Patient Attraction Episode 429

When you think of Google, you probably think first of its search engine. You might think about YouTube, or its browser. You might even think about Google maps or Gmail. But I came across a techy blog online that has 10 more useful Google tools. I’ll share them with you when we return.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here and welcome to another Patient Attraction Podcast.

– After spending the last nine days listening to me talk about web marketing, I thought I’d cleanse your palate with some handy tech tips.

– This is a list I found on a Business Insider blog and thought it could help or at least interest dentists.

– Here are the coolest ones I found:

  1. Earth View from Google Maps: This Chrome extension “displays a beautiful and unique satellite image from Google Maps every time you open a new tab,” according to the app description at the chrome web store (
  2. Google Dictionary (by Google): This Chrome extension lets you highlight words in article and on web pages and see their definitions.
  3. Google Forms: This Google document types allows you to create quick and easy surveys and forms.
  4. Google Keep: This note-organizing app can be used in Chrome and on an Android phone, and it will transcribe voice notes.
  5. Google Public Data: This searchable repository of public data lets you look at statistics from around the world, including charts and graphs.
  6. Google Fonts: This collection of free fonts is available, as Google says, “A web with web fonts is more beautiful, readable, accessible and open.”
  7. Stock Symbol: Enter a stock symbol into a Google search bar will show you how that stock is doing.
  8. Google Sky: This page allows you to view stars and galaxies through various space telescopes.
  9. Highlight to Search: This Chrome extension “allows you to search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into the search box.”
  10. Tracking Flights: Type a flight number into a search box and see its status.

– Just type any of these names into a Google search box and you will find it with ease.

– I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick list.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you suggestions on how to prepare for Google’s future updates.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.