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Patient Attraction Episode 322

Hello again! Colin Receveur here. Today we are going to begin a five-part series on the extreme power of web video. We’ll start by talking about what videos offer your potential patients. Stay tuned to find out more.

– As I’ve have mentioned before, promoting your practice is changing nonstop.

– Patients now have many more resources when they are looking for a new dentist.

– There is more information available, and Internet users are more savvy.

– This means that a potential patient who is looking for a new dentist can afford to be picky.

– This potential patient can jump through the websites of every dentist in your area before choosing one to call.

– Does your website have what it needs to attract this patient?

– If you aren’t featuring quality videos on your site, then you are not going to be a top site on Google or a top site in that potential patient’s opinion.

– Did you know that websites with video are 53% more likely to have a first page ranking on Google?

– While you chew on that statistic for a moment, let me explain the two types of video dentists use on their websites.

– The first is a stock video.

– Stock video is generic footage that could be used by any dentist anywhere.

– Stock is great for some pages because those videos can give some great information.

– The problem is that savvy Internet users see right through those stock videos.

– Anyone can throw a stock video on a website.

– It’s not impressive.

– The second type of video is a personal video, which means that it features you, your staff, or your patients.

– Someone checking out your practice through your website will see those videos and will know that you are the real deal.

– Internet users know that it takes time and effort to create quality video for a website, and they will appreciate it.

– This quality video does a couple of different things for you.

– First, it gives you a chance to show your face, your personality, and your office to potential patients.

– Second, it gives your current patients a chance to speak for you.

– That’s right, I said your current patients because we highly recommend that you incorporate video testimonials on your website.

– Potential patients will watch these videos too, and those testimonials make a difference.

– People expect you to be in a video talking about how awesome your office is.

– But they don’t expect to see a list of patients willing to do the same!

– It builds a lot of credibility and trust for your practice, which means more of the patients you want.

– You see, a new patient isn’t just going to walk in your door and agree to major dental work, whether they need it or not.

– They need a reason to trust you and your opinion.

– Online videos are the first step to building that trust and respect you need from your new patients.

– Join me tomorrow as we look at how to make video that stands out.

– Until then, keep moving forward.