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Patient Attraction Episode 357

Hello everyone, welcome to the Monday, March 9, edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. I am Colin Receveur, and I want to spend this week telling you a little about myself and my company, SmartBox Web Marketing. Stay tune.

– I’ve been doing these podcasts for about three years now.

– I appreciate all of you who watch and comment.

– I want to take this week to tell you about my company.

– This isn’t a sales pitch.

– I just want you to be informed about me, what we do and why.

– Even though I incorporated SmartBox in 2001, the story really begins much earlier.

– It goes back to me as a 7-year-old, filing paper charts for a nickel apiece in my dad’s dental office.

– Fast forward a few years, and I’m still working in Dad’s practice every day.

– But at night I’m on our family Compaq computer learning how to design and code websites.

– You could say it was my first real passion.

– In fact, when I was in 8th grade, my mom wondered how I’d come into several hundred dollars.

– She thought I was doing something bad.

– Really I was doing affiliate marketing, selling banner advertising space on my website and getting commission checks!

– Fast forward a few years and I built some websites for a few businesses around town.

– All the while I was still working in my dad’s dental office.

– So in 1997 I built my dad’s first website.

– He still uses that URL, though the site has changed a bunch since then.

– Some dental consultants saw how well it was working for my dad and asked me to help some of their clients.

– Dr. James McAnally asked me to service his Elite clients’ web marketing needs, and in 2010 I began working with Dr. Michael Abernathy and his Summit Practice Solutions clients.

– Things just took off.

– Before long, I was working exclusively for dentists.

– Unlike a lot of web marketing companies, I grew up in a dental house.

– I know what dentists think.

– I know how they think and I know what they really need.

– So where are we now?

– We work with about 400 dentists on three continents.

– We do web marketing from start to finish:

– Website design

– Email marketing

– Video production


– Pay-per-click

– Phone tracking

– Online reviews

– And so much more.

– So where are we headed?

– We want to be able to offer our clients even more services.

– We have doubled our staff over the last year, and we would like to double again in the next two years.

– This growth already has allowed us to add a new package, called the Infinity package.

– It has twice as much video, twice as much monthly content, and significantly more paid search than our next-largest package.

– But we only offer one per quarter, and only to dentists who already are kicking butt in their practice.

– I’d like to be able to offer more of those.

– Ultimately, we want to help even more dentists attract more and better patients.

– We want our clients to have more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– So that’s who we are and what we do.

– Tomorrow I want to tell you about my experience in dental marketing and what motivates me to help dentists.

– Until then, keep moving forward.