Get the Insurance Yoke From Around Your Neck

Patient Attraction Episode 454

Many of you left corporate dentistry or being an associate so you could run a dental practice the way YOU thought it should be run. But since  “becoming your own boss, “ you have found that you now answer to a different master. We’ll talk more about this when we return.

– Happy Sunday, June 14.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Yesterday, we talked about a response I got to a podcast in which viewers responded to an earlier podcast where I encouraged dentists to stop discounting fees because it devalues what you do.

– Today, I want to look at another response I got on that same podcast.

– The response was:

–  “I think one of the biggest problems is with the insurance companies.

–  “Once you sign a contract no matter how long ago, they hold you to whatever they chose to do.

–  “They have been cutting reimbursement and claim ’agreed upon or accepted fees by the doctor.’

–  “Very difficult to deal with these companies.

–  “Solutions??

–  “Patients are more and more conscious of fees.”

– This dentist did not provide his name, so I won’t use it, but I will say that he works in San Francisco.

– I know many, many dentists look at insurance companies like the Empire in the  “Star Wars “ movies.

– Well, if that is the case, call me Luke Skywalker, because I have a response that can help dentists move away from indentured servitude to the insurance companies and into the freedom of fee for service.

– Here is my response:

–  “Insurance discounts are 2-3x what it costs to market a practice.

–  “Insurances demand a 25-50% cut from regular fees.

–  “Marketing a practice costs you 5-15%.”

– So by spending less money on marketing than you are losing to insurance companies, you could make more money.

– The classic example of addition by subtraction.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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