Every Dental Practice Should Have These Kinds Of People

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Patient Attraction Episode 483

Working at my dad’s dental practice as a kid, it never ceased to amaze me how often he had to let people go and bring in new people. Now that I am a business owner myself, I realize the truly remarkable thing is how many people have STAYED with him such a long time. We’ll talk more about that when we return.

– Hi, Colin here and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today I want to share an article I saw online at Entrepreneur.com, and how I think it relates to dentists.

– The article is about the kinds of people you want in your business.

– Here they are applied to a dental practice:

  1. “The lightning rod.”

– This person is brimming with ideas and always seem to be the center of attention.

– This is the person you want in charge of your marketing and existing-patient retention.

– You might have to rein them in, but they will help you get and keep staying, paying and referring patients.

  1. “The golden goose.”

– This is who you put in charge of the money.

– This is the person who sells the patient on the expensive treatment plan.

– This is the person who knows how to squeeze a penny until it screams.

  1. “The maestro.”

– This is the person who sees the long-term plan and knows what it takes to make it happen.

– If this isn’t you in your dental practice, you better get a fantastic office manager who can make it all work seamlessly to help you meet your goals.

  1. “The virtuoso.”

– This is the person with specialized knowledge.

– This person is one of the reasons I don’t think all these need to be employees.

– Some can be specialists you hire for specific needs, like web marketing, for instance.

  1. “The wordsmith.”

– This is the communicator of your organization.

– They know the right thing to say, write or post to get you where you want to go.

– Another position that could be outsourced instead of employed.

  1. “The superconnector.”

– This is the person with experience in lots of parts of your business or in multiple businesses.

– This is the person who knows “a guy” when you have a need.

  1. “The gladiator.”

– These are the intensely loyal people who no matter how many obstacles you put in front of them or challenges you give them, they find a way to get the job done.

– Telling these people how important they are to the organization is all the fuel they need to keep battling for you.

  1. “The bookworm.”

– This is the detail-oriented person you put in charge of creating and enforcing SOPs.

  1. “The hacker.”

– This is the person always asking, “Why are we doing it this way?”

– This person pushes for constant evaluation and improvement.

  1. “The sage.”

– This is the person who has been the business long enough to give you the advice you need because he or she has seen it all.

– This is the housekeeper of every ’80s family comedy and teacher of every ’90s school comedy.

– Look around your practice and identify to whom each of these apply.

– If you can’t see one or more of these in your practice, you might want to start looking for them.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.