Episode 017: The One About Systems, Systems, Systems

Systems, Systems, Systems

Good Morning. Colin Receveur here. Tuesday January 15th, 2013 and wanted to talk a little bit today about systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems. A lot of doctors out there and they do this with all their marketing, it’s not just limited to their website, but they only are doing one piece of the puzzle and they are not getting the results that they want and with websites since we’re exclusively a dental web marketing firm let me give you an example: we see docs that are only doing SEO. Maybe they have a website that they had company A build last year or five years ago, they hire this other firm to do SEO and they have another firm that is doing pay-per-click and they’re paying all these fees and all these different companies are doing one piece of the puzzle of what’s needed to actually get new patients. It’s not really coordinated, it’s not really put together, the pieces aren’t put together. When you do piece mail marketing you’re not putting the pieces together and you’re simply, your phone is not ringing. Having a website and successfully marketing yourself online is not about just doing SEO or just getting to the top of google or just having a website, you have to have the system that actually captures the patients, generates the lead, captures the patient, nurtures them, tracks them, and converts that into a phone call, and into an appointment, and into a paying patient. If you are missing any of the steps in there, you’ve got a big crack in your system and you’re leading your patients, they’re falling into the cracks and you’re not getting money back from your investment. So, make sure that with your marketing campaign you’ve got a complete system behind it that takes your leads from the front of google all the way through the phone call until that lead is getting handed off at your front desk and make sure that your front desk is actually converting those leads into phone calls. So, that’s my thoughts for Tuesday, January 15th. Keep moving forward.


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