Episode 016: The One About Marketing Firms & Their Contracts

Marketing Firms & Their Contracts

Happy Monday! Colin Receveur here. Had a couple thoughts for today. I wanted to make quick video on you may have noticed that my resolution for 2013 is I’m going to be making these quick video blogs everyday or at least working my hardest at it and I’m going to try to get thoughts out that I have that from working with dentists on a daily basis and from finding out what’s really getting results out there in the trenches with guys. One of the big complaints I had about the video podcasts I did last year was it took some time, of course, to put together the ideas and the notes and to get all the thoughts organized in my head as well as a little bit of video editing on the back end to put the intro on it and put some titles, and urls, and some things in the video and it took, you know, about a week to put something together and get it out. This year I’m going to get things out instantly. When I have a thought, going to make a short video here in the morning. I’m shooting for under five minutes a video. Very quick, succinct, to the point and what I was thinking about this morning is contracts, contracts with marketing companies. Lot of companies out there are requiring contracts six months, 12 months, I’ve seen 36 month contracts for web marketing, websites, different kinds of work and it kind of strikes me unusual because if you’re a marketing company that is doing good work and you’re getting results for your people, for your clients, I don’t really understand the need for a contract. You know, if you’re providing results, your clients are going to come back. You don’t need a piece of paper that locks them in to 12, or 24, 36 months of paying you or paying me to do work. If the phones ringing, if people are coming in, people are going to keep coming back and doing more business with you. Yeah, I think the flipside of that principle is also by not having a contract it puts the burden on the marketing firm, every month to insure that they are providing a very high level of service and a high level of results to their clients. So, that what my thoughts for today. Keep moving forward.


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