Episode 015: The One About Putting Your Print Ads on Steroids

Putting Your Print Ads on Steroids

Hey, Colin Receveur her. Today is Friday January 11th and I saw an interesting blog post from Seth Godin talking about clean bathrooms and Seth was talking about the facilities in Disneyworld, how clean the bathrooms are at Disney World and he was saying people don’t clean them because they charge you to use them. They clean them because if they didn’t you would have a reason not to come and you know, this is an important philosophy with not just Disney World and their toilets, but also in your dental practice. You know, when you’re putting together your marketing, you image of your business, you do a lot of things that are not profit centers. You’re not going to make money off of cleaning your bathrooms. You’re not going to make money off of, you know, having marble countertops in your office, but you do it because it creates the environment people want to come to. You do it because it doesn’t give them a reason to say no and what this got me thinking about is the amount of doctors that we see that do print advertising and have a crappy website and the statistics that we see of doctors that do send out the same post card to the same demographics of mailing lists and get double the results because they have a killer website. How many of those people that get the postcard google your name, look you up, see that you have a killer website and killer web presence and then they call your office vs the doctor that can’t even be found online. So, if, you know, when you go online and you google your name and you see a lot of negative reviews and bad press about you, that’s going to look bad on your patients and even if you’re not marketing online, even if you are a print only dentist that print only marketing dentist, your patients are still playing game online just because you’re not playing in the game doesn’t mean the game isn’t being played, it’s just being played without you. So, that’s all for today. Keep moving forward.


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