Episode 013: The One About Dental SEO Reports

Dental SEO Reports

Hey Colin Receveur here. Just wanted to make a short, short video. I’m actually recording this from my cell phone. I had a couple thoughts on my mind that I really wanted to put out there and get some feedback from everybody here on our facebook, social media, and twitter pages and generate some conversation on what I’m seeing and some of the concerns I have. We are seeing a lot of dental marketing companies out there right now that are basing the success of their clients, the success of dentists on these ranking reports and search engine optimization and building a hundred links a month and doing SEO and pay per click and all this alphabet soup and all this stuff and one of the big concerns I have with all this is that i think dentists have been sold a bill of goods really by the marketing industry in general. You know, they’ve been told for years and its been this hammered home just time after time again that you have to do the link billing, you got to do social media, you have to do facebook, and you got to do SEO, you got to do jump on every new technology that comes out and dentists go out and they drop all this money and they jump on the new technology, they are doing all this social media, and they are doing all these adwords, and they are doing all this SEO, and they’re just not getting squat from it and then right in line with that we see a lot of dental marketing companies that when they are determining the success of their campaigns of their marketing abilities, their clients’ success, they are basing that on if they are number 1, number 2, or number 3 on google. Now don’t get me wrong, ranking number one on google is extremely important, but if the pinnacle, if the epitome of your success online is being rated by where you rank on google, I would challenge you to look at how many dollars and how many phonecalls your website is actually generating. I just never understood how a marketing company can base a successful marketing campaign on some arbitraty ranking on a search engine. You know, dentists make money through phone calls, make money through converting those calls into patients, consults, treatment plans, and people sit down and write them a check , or credit card, or cash, or whatever it is, but the point is some ranking on google is not going to be an accurate indicator of your success or your failure. You know, if you’re not getting phone calls, if the phone calls are not coming in, if your phone is not ringing, I don’t care if you have 3,000 first page rankings, and you have 1,000 visitors on your website everyday, it’s simply not a good marketing investment, and that’s what marketing is. It’s and investment, it’s not an expense, and that’s not my RA-RA speech because I operate a marketing company, that’s just the way it is. If you can put a dollar into a marketing campaign and get five dollars backu out, why not do that 100 times? That’s what marketing is, it’s a big test, it’s a split test. Finding out what works, finding out more importantly what does not work with your dental website or any of your marketing really. That’s what you need to be looking at is number of phone calls generated, listen to those calls, find out, hey, who’s actually calling my office. Are these new patients? Are these junk patients? Are these patients that want free or wanna know if you accept food stamps? Or are these good qualified patients that have insurance, have an ability to pay, and coming into your office and actually paying? Stop looking at the ranking reports. The ranking reports, they’re just horrible to base your success on, for your marketing campaign. So, that’s all my thoughts for today. Til next time, keep moving forward.


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