Episode 053: The One About Exploding Your Mailing List with a 3 Step Opt-in

Exploding Your Mailing List with a 3 Step Opt-in

Good morning. Welcome to dentistry’s most watched marketing podcast. I’m Colin Receveur. Today is Monday April 1st. This is the April Fools edition of the Fast Thoughts on Web Marketing podcast. On today’s edition we’re going to talk about the three step opt-in process; how to take a cold lead and move them up the scale until you’ve got a full contact that’s raised their hand and asked to learn more about your services. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you more.

Welcome back to the April Fools edition. No joke today, we’re going to talk about the three step opt-in. What the three step opt-in on your website allows you to do is one, flat out to increase the number of people that are requesting information from you. A lot of times we see websites that have opt-ins or contact forms with full information on the page and rarely does anybody ever really opt-in for that. People have distrust with putting a lot of information out there on websites. They have distrust with giving out their email address. People by and large aren’t going to do that if you have a large form, if you make it difficult, if you have captchas and all this different stuff.

What we advocate is the three step opt-in. Three steps if you’re using social media, two steps if you’re using your website. The first step, if you’re on social media, is getting people to like your page. With Facebook you can set up a completely custom webpage inside Facebook, looks just like your website, and you can force people to click the like button up at the top before they get your free report or book or whatever your offer is that you’re offering to them, coupon or whatever it may be. The first step, if you’re on Facebook, is to make them like you. If it’s on your website of course we’re going to skip that step.

The second step is we’re just going to ask them for one piece of information, email address typically, ‘Plug in your email address here and we’ll send you our free report, we’ll send you this coupon, we’ll give you this book, we’ll give you the secrets of dental implants’, whatever it may be. Sometimes we’ll mix that with a first name and email address, a very low point of entry to allow people to sample what you’re all about, to get a little bite size nugget, get a little bit more information, build that level of trust, before the third step.

The third step is the whole enchilada. Immediately after they click the like button we’re going to present them with that box to plug in their email address. Immediately after they plug in their email address we’re going to present them with the whole form to ask for their name, their postal address and possibly their phone number. Sometimes phone number is a little iffy, a lot of times we just go for the address just to send them some information. A lot of times cold calling a prospect isn’t really the most elegant way for a dentist to approach. Sometimes it’s the old pursuit attraction game; it’s better to send a packet of information and let them come to you rather than pursue them and try to make them like you or make them think they need you. Getting their full address, you can send out a qualification packet, you can add them to your mailing list, your newsletter list, and you can start dripping on them now.

Going from a single step to a two or three step opt-in process, we typically see like a 200 or 300% difference. A lot of guys, a lot of dentists, even the ones who are actively marketing or doing a lot of things online, the rate of opt-ins on contact forms and opt-in forms when they ask for that full page of information might be just a few a month. Typically when we go to a two or three step opt-in process we get 20 – 30 leads a month, not uncommon we’ve had more than that. It just depends on what kind of patients you’re marketing to, what your offer is, offers and coupons get a higher rate of opt-in than books and free reports, but oftentimes the dentists that are marketing with information are going after the bigger cases, dental implants, sedation, dentures, whatever it may be. The quantity versus your value per patient, deciding on do you want to give a coupon away which is going to attract free diagnostics and GP patients or are you looking for certain types of patients that you want to attract.

That’s all for the April Fools edition. Take care, have a great week.


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