Episode 051: The One About Your Patients Self-Diagnosing Their Own Mouths

Your Patients Self-Diagnosing Their Own Mouths

Hello, I’m Colin Receveur. Today is Thursday March 28th and today I want to talk about how your patients are self-diagnosing their own mouths, figuring out what they need before they ever call you or ever step foot in your office. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you how.

Hello again, I’m Colin Receveur. Thanks for tuning in to another Fast Thoughts on Dental Marketing. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about how your patients are self-diagnosing their own mouths and how this applies to your marketing strategy. We see a lot of dental marketing, specifically websites but also other marketing, that goes into great detail about the qualifications and the certifications and the equipment and the tools that you have in your office. What the patient is looking for and what the doctor is giving in his marketing and in his presentation is oftentimes different languages. What we see a lot of dentists marketing with actually looks like it’s more tailored to marketing to other dentists rather than marketing to the consumer.

The consumer is going to make decisions based on emotion, based on how somebody feels, if they like somebody, do they think he’ll take care of me. Of course, after they have already made the emotional decision they’re going to justify that emotion with logic, “he’s got great training, he’s got great tools, he’s got the latest equipment.” But the buying decision is going to be made with emotion, it’s just like buying a new car, we all buy new vehicles or whatever your indulgence is out of emotion and then we justify it with logic, “it was a great deal, the old car was breaking down, it had 100,000 miles on it,” whatever the case is.

Your patients are self-diagnosing their own mouths. They are able to get online and look at WebMD, Wikipedia, YouTube and probably see videos of how the treatments go with some of the very clinical sites that are out there. Your dental website doesn’t need to do anything clinical. If you take 100% of patients, 95% of them are going to make the decision based on emotion and feel-good and how they like somebody. The other 5% may want to see something clinical, how a dental implant works, how veneers work, how a laser gum treatment works or how a periodontal treatment works, whatever it may be. That 5% that wants to get the facts has a tremendous resource. Never in the history of mankind has there been WebMDs and Wikipedias and information out there as it is right now in 2013.

Your dental website, or any of your marketing whether it be direct mail, billboards, radio, TV, postcard, magazine, newspaper should be touching on the emotional aspects. One step at a time; your direct mail, your website, you have to walk them one step at a time. Don’t try to close the sale all with one postcard that talks all about you. Talk about the emotional connection, let your patients talk about how great you are. You can say how great you are all day long but when your patients say Dr. Smith is fantastic people stand up and listen.

Don’t leverage your dental website to talk about clinical. If your patients want to look at clinical there are plenty of resources out there. Leverage your marketing to touch on the emotional aspects and the patients that are self-diagnosing in their mouths, they can go elsewhere and get the education and the information if they want it. Most of the time the patients don’t, they’re looking for a dentist that is going to meet the emotional needs that they have.

When you’re structuring your marketing take that into account, that you’re marketing to consumers not other dentists. Sometimes we’re all a little bit too close to the work we do, we have to step back and get an objective view to see how it feels. Ask some of your patients what they think of something, somebody that’s going to give you a brutally honest opinion, don’t ask the nice little old lady that always says what you want to hear.

That’s all for Thursday. Keep moving forward.


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