Episode 047: The One About The Elite Marketing Program

Our Elite Program

Hi I’m Colin Receveur. Today is Friday March 22nd and on today’s episode, episode 47, I want to talk about our Elite Program and how we’re helping dentists all across the country to double and triple their practice within 12 months. Stay tuned, I’ll be right back.

Hi again, I’m Colin Receveur. In today’s episode we’re going to talk about our Elite Program and how we’re helping dentists in the trenches to grow their practice in 12 – 18 months. The Elite Program is a system that we put together in 2009. It was a new package that we put together, we aggregated with all of the marketing knowledge and information that we learned since we started working with dentists in 2001. It was somewhat of a natural progression. Up until then we had a number of systems, our premium and deluxe packages which were good, but with more and more dentists moving to the internet as their sole source or large source of new patients we needed to develop a package that was going to stay ahead of the herd and that was going to allow those most aggressive dentists to outmaneuver and out market their competition and get phone calls, get new patients, put butts in their chair.

With the Elite Package we’ve seen phenomenal results. We have several clients that have been on the package for three to four months that are getting 200-250, we have one client that’s over 300 phone calls at the three month mark. We do slate the results for the Elite Package at 12 months, but as with all of our marketing we don’t have any contracts. We do ask you to commit to 12 months, but there’s nothing that binds you to us. We do this for one sole reason, because if we’re delivering what we say we’re going to deliver there’s no need for us to have a contract that keeps you tied to us. By doing that the burden is on us every month to prove the value of what we do to you. We do this through our Zetetics phone call tracking, showing you exactly what kind of results you’re getting, showing you the phone calls, recording the calls and with our ROI calculator we can easily and quickly show you exactly how many dollars a marketing campaign cost, how many phone calls that generated and how much money came back in from that marketing campaign, back into your office.

The Elite Package is a total done for you web marketing platform that includes your website, mobile website, all custom unique written content, tablet website, press releases and online reputation, all of the visibility services from local search, paid search, organic search, mobile marketing as well as content writing. With the Elite Package we’re writing 30 blogs for you or articles for you every month and publishing these to your website, to your blog, to your Facebook, all across the social media platforms that we develop as part of the Elite Package.

Also with the Elite Package is a three day video shoot where we come to your practice, myself and two or three of my videographers. We film your staff to humanize your practice, yourself to answer the questions that people are asking online, to give them the solutions that you have to offer and also to show that you’re a nice guy. We also film your patients because that’s going to be the social proof that does the heavy lifting for most of your marketing campaign. Typically on the three day Elite shoot we can film somewhere in the neighborhood of 100, we’ve had 120 videos before just depending on how exactly we structure and schedule them, depending on your practice.

Also a four hour strategy session with me to lay out your entire marketing plan, any print ads you want me to review, any coordinated marketing, if you want to talk about the web plan, we can lay out your entire marketing campaign in the half a day that I’m devoted entirely to you.

It’s a comprehensive marketing plan that covers everything from your visibility to your web presence as well to automated follow-up. We’re going to get you integrated with InfusionSoft so that you can automatically communicate with your prospects. One of the big questions we have is well I already have Lighthouse or DemandForce, isn’t that the same thing? Lighthouse and DemandForce are internal marketing tools, they’re going to market to your existing patients. InfusionSoft is an external marketing tool, it’s going to market to prospective patients with that same drip philosophy that we’re going to keep touching them over and over and over again.

We also with the Elite Package ghostwrite a book for you. There’s no better way to set yourself up as the expert, to become a celebrity dentist and show patients that you have the solutions for them than by having a book. Now you’re the guy that wrote the book. Some doctors hand these out at consults to just give to the patients, some doctors sell them on their websites as a display of expertise.

Of course our Zetetics phone call tracking system is included because we want to know exactly what you’re getting from all of your marketing campaign.

So that’s a little bit about the Elite Package and I talked about the results. We want to see you getting 200 phone calls a month at six months. Of course we typically, that’s a very generous slating of the results because right now we have several doctors that are getting the same results or got the same results, 200 or 300 calls at three months. It’s a very, very aggressive marketing package designed for those dentists that want to completely dominate their market area, squash out their competition and be the one dentist that people think of when they need service.

We still have our Premium and Deluxe packages as well as our Web 3.0 package that we’ve offered for many years. Those are great packages for new startups, we have a lot of new dentists that go with our Web 3.0 package because it offers a very comprehensive package that is scalable and can grow with the doctor as their needs go, as they look for more and more new patients and they want to get more aggressive. We also have a lot of doctors on our Premium and Deluxe package which is a one and a two day video shoot as well as a pretty aggressive marketing campaign that can generate anywhere from 75 to 175 phone calls a month.

If you have questions or want to know more feel free to give me a call. My number is 888-741-1413. I’d be glad to speak with you myself and find out which of these packages is the best fit for your practice. My concern is not which package you go with or which package you choose, just so long as you make a choice one way or the other, decide what’s best for you and keep moving forward. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always got, and if you’re watching this video there are probably a lot of ways that we can help you to grow your practice, to increase your profits, to get more patients in your office and into your chair and to live a better lifestyle.

That’s all for Friday. Have a great weekend and keep moving forward.


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