Episode 044: The One About Marketing Tools vs. Marketing Solutions (Part 1)

Marketing Tools vs. Marketing Solutions (Part 1)

If you have a leaky faucet would you hire the plumber who told you all about the fittings and wrenches that he had on his truck? Or if you were looking for new landscaping for your home would the landscaper whose website talks about his awesome array of shovels and spades get your attention? I’m Colin Receveur. Today is Friday March 15th and in today’s episode I’m going to explain the difference between marketing tools and marketing solutions. Stay tuned.

Marketing tools versus marketing solutions; what are the differences? Frankly marketing tools really don’t have much purpose for marketing. Talking about the hammer or the wrench or the pipe fittings that your plumber has when you have a leaky pipe or you have a hot water heater that needs to be installed or a hot water heater that’s leaking all over your floor. Your concern for what type of fittings or if it’s PVC or copper of if he’s using a brazed fitting or a shark fitting, whatever it may be, is pretty low. You just want the problem fixed. Same with the landscaper, you don’t care what tools or shovels or how many guys they bring in. What you want to know is that the job’s going to be done right, it’s going to be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and that they’re not going to make a huge mess all over your front lawn doing it.

This is the same with marketing your practice towards your patients. Patient recognition of the technology that you have in your office is higher than in some professions, patients know what a cerec is for the most part, they know that lasers are very cutting edge and they know that dental implants are now available pretty mainstream. Cosmetic dentistry of course, they know about veneers and they’ve often heard of lumineers and porcelain. Getting too in depth talking about the tools that you use without referring to the benefits or the solutions as your patients and as your prospects interpret it, will lead to bad results from your marketing.

Patients want the same things that you do from your plumber or your landscaper; they want to know that it’s not going to hurt. They don’t care how you get it done, they don’t care if it’s a new painless injection technique or if it’s sedation or if it’s nitrous, they just want to know you’re going to take care of them. For patients that are concerned about time investment, they don’t care if it’s cerec or if it’s the new system, the 4D Cad that Schein just put out, I can’t remember the name, I’ve heard of it a couple of times. They don’t care about what kind of materials you’re going to use, what they want to know is that they’re going to be able to walk in and sit down and you can take care of them in one visit and then they can get up and leave and they’re done. For the patients whose concern is the best results, they don’t want to hear about how you’re glazing the porcelain and how your lab is the best in the world, they just want to know they’re going to look like a superstar when you put it in their mouth.

A lot of your patients may have multiple concerns, these three concerns here I’ve listed don’t necessarily cover all the concerns your patients have, they may have one, they may have multiple, they may have others. The short of the story is don’t focus too much on the tools that you’re using to motivate your patients, because they’re not so concerned about the tools, same with you as the plumber and the landscaper, they want to know about the end result and how it pertains to them. Make sure you’re entering the conversation that your patients are talking about and your patients are thinking about in their head and make sure that you are talking in their language. Don’t try to talk in dental language. We often see dentists that put services listed on their website, well patients know you offer services, they know you offer crowns and bridges and implants and all these different services, what they want to know is how that pertains to them. How you can help them with these tools that you have here. Your toolbox that you carry, the implants and the lasers and the cerec, how does that help them? If you can relay how that helps them now you’re going to start capturing more and better patients, the kind that you want to attract.

That’s all for Friday. Have a great weekend and keep moving forward.


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