Episode 043: The One About Using Plastic Mailers to Turbocharge Your Directmail Campaign

Plastic Mailers to Turbocharge Your Directmail Campaign

Hey, Colin Receveur here. Today is Wednesday March 13th and I wanted to talk a little bit more about these plastic mailers that I touched on yesterday, the credit card mailers. I’ve just had a flood of questions. This is a new product that we’re offering for 2013 and I wanted to show a little bit more about what we can do, the different designs, different sizes and show a little bit more about what dentists are doing, why guys are switching to these over traditional paper direct mail products.

The guy I showed you yesterday, this was a Christmas mailer that we had sent out and this is the jumbo size, which is a five and a half by eight and a half piece. Now it does have two tear offs and I’ve got a piece of tape holding these together just because I already broke them apart yesterday, but it comes with these two credit card size tear offs that guys can stick in their wallet. Then of course you’ve got the plastic mailer that they come out in, that they just literally break out of.

We can make these in a bunch of sizes, we’ve got these in a lot of different configurations. There are three primary sizes, you’ve got the four and a quarter by about five and a half which is the standard, you’ve got a midsize which is about eight by four, kind of a long skinny piece, and then you’ve got the jumbo size one here I just showed you. This is the standard size here and we can do this in a couple of different configurations. This piece right here has a credit card breakout and then this piece, we have a couple of docs that are doing the complete dental insurance plans, the name is escaping me here at this moment, but they’re using the little punch out keychain cards, like you would see at your local gyms with the hole in it, to where you can stick that on your keychain and they’re using them as kind of a loyalty card.

We’ve also got one that we can punch out a little bit smaller than a wallet size on a standard tour; we can punch out two cards. As you can see I’ll compare, you’ve got your traditional size to your little bit smaller there, so just a little bit smaller to give you a bunch of different options.

We’ve also got some custom options and I don’t have the final proof here, I did run off a copy of the proof that we’re setting up right now for a dentist on black and white and what we can do here is this outline that you see right here is actually a custom dye in the shape of a tooth that we can punch this out. This red outline right here is a tooth shape punch out that has a coupon on it, a new patient special, so they can punch that out and bring it in. Getting a killer response on it. I’m going to have some of those samples here in the office I hope in a few weeks. We’ve got another batch that we’re running off for them.

I’ve had a lot of questions about postage on these guys. These things run extremely cheap on postage. Depending on your saturation levels, standard postage we can run these through at about 17 to 24 cents apiece. We’ve also had some situations with a very high saturation, a very localized mailing, that we’ve gotten these down into 13 to 14 and a half cent range apiece. That’s going to depend completely on the list that we sent out to, but these things can go extremely cheap, there’s no penalization from the post office even though they are about 50 mil thick. They’re very resilient, if you’ve got these in a stack of paper when the person grabs their mail, they’ve got it in a stack of paper, these things are going to stick out like a sore thumb but they still run at regular post office rates.

If you need a mailing list we’ve got all kinds of sources for mailing lists. We can do custom dyes, just like that tooth on there, if you like the tooth idea we’ve already got the dye made but if you have a custom idea we can do these. All the cards run as four color on both sides, they’re laminated and like I said 30 mil thick and we can also do variable imaging. One of these we did late last year when we were first starting to roll these out was for a doctor that was looking for implant patients. On the front side of his card we had a big steak and we branded in each steak, for each particular card, the name of the person we were sending it to. So Paul Stevens, a resident of Denver, Colorado for instance, got a plastic mailer that on one side had a big picture of a steak with Paul branded on it, and on the other side it says Dear Paul. Of course it has the copy, the pictures, the advertising on it.

We can do not only variable printing of the address that we’ll be mailing it to, your variable ink-jetting like you’ve done in the past, we can also do what’s called variable imaging where we can completely change the whole postcard to customize it entirely to the person you’re mailing it to. The name, address, city, state, whatever kind of information is available to us on the mailing list, we can customize either or both sides with that information in it.

If you’re really wanting to ramp up your direct mail campaign nobody is doing these right now, nobody’s got them. If you’ve seen them in the mail there are some big box stores that are starting to put these out, but they’re extremely affordable, the postage on them is extremely cheap. The guys that we’ve done these with preliminarily are getting three to four times the results of traditional direct mail simply because they’re getting seen more often. They’re heavy, they’re odd size, they’re thick, they fall out of the stack, they carry value. When somebody gets a piece of paper they throw it away because it’s not valuable, when somebody gets a coupon, hard plastic, snaps in their finger, they can stick it in their wallet, $65 off, whatever your coupon is, $29 cleaning, $59 initial exam, $1 diagnostics, $399 CDP for implant cases or whatever your offer may be, you can get these guys in people’s wallets, they’re going to save them forever because they’ve got a ton of value.

That’s all for Wednesday, keep moving forward.


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