Episode 040: The One About Entering The Conversation Already Going on in Your Patient’s Head

Entering The Conversation Already Going on in Your Patient’s Head

Good afternoon, Colin Receveur here, today is Wednesday March 6th and I’m just getting back in the saddle, had kind of a crazy Monday and Tuesday. We were out Thursday and Friday in New York, actually Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a video shoot. Take a look on our Facebook page, we’re going to be releasing some cool videos that we shot over the weekend in the next few days.

I wanted to talk today about entering the conversation that’s already going on inside your patient’s head. In your marketing, the patients when they’re seeing your marketing, they don’t care about what solutions you offer, they don’t care about your accreditations or your certifications or your diplomas or degrees. The first thing going through their mind, the only thing they care about is themselves. When they’re out there on the internet searching, they’re not searching to find out about you and what you have to offer. What’s going through their mind when they are searching for their problem is they want to find a solution for their problem. The only way you’re going to get your prospects to understand that you are the solution is to talk about their problems with them, because when you can relate to their problems and you can say I understand you can’t chew, I understand you’re embarrassed, I understand that you don’t smile because you’re embarrassed in social situations, I understand you have an uncomfortable bite and you have headaches, or whatever it is. Now what you’re saying begins to resonate with them.

When you have a dental website or brochure or whatever kind of marketing you’re putting together and all you talk about is what you can do and how great you are, your patients look at that and go ‘oh yeah, next, just another dentist’. The example that I always use is you’re walking down the block and you see a sign on the sidewalk that says coffee, ‘75 cents’ and you go ‘oh, coffee, 75 cents great’, versus walking down the block and seeing a sign that says ‘tired? Hungry? Get a thing of hot coffee, 75 cents.’ It’s problem and solution and when you talk about the problem that your patients are having, the problems that you can solve with your diplomas and degrees and continuing education and the equipment in your office, when you relate to them first with the problems then you will earn their trust more. They will know that you understand their problem. The patients are coming to you to fix their problem and they know that they’re not just coming to you to get veneers or an implant or fix a missing tooth or Invisalign, they’re coming to you because they have an emotional need to fix a problem. If you can tell them that you can fix the problem then they will trust you and they will come to you for their business, for the needs that they are actively searching for.

That’s all for Wednesday, keep moving forward.


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