Episode 038: The One About Facebook vs. Google AdWords PPC Ads

Facebook vs. Google AdWords PPC Ads

I got a question this morning from a client talking about Facebook pay-per-click advertising vs. Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising and I want to spend a few minutes and talk about the differences in each and the advantages and disadvantages and pros and cons of both. With Facebook pay-per-click advertising, you do have the advantage of selecting all kinds of demographics based on the information that facebook has, you can advertise specifically based on race, age, likes, hobbies, interests, geographical location, all kinds of different information, but keep in mind when you are marketing on facebook you are marketing repeatedly to that same pool of people over and over again. It’s similar to Google AdWords content network vs the search network. Pay-per-click with the Facebook and the Google content network are very similar in design. You are putting up advertisements based on a passive action that somebody has taken, they’re looking at something on the page Facebook or Google are reading that information and putting an advertisement over on the side that is related to that. With Google search advertising, it’s more of an active marketing medium. When somebody searches on Google they’re looking for an answer at that moment to a specific problem or issue that they’re having, they’re looking for a dentist, they’re looking for an answer to a problem that they’re having in their mouth. With the Google AdWord search network you are putting your ads in front of a new group of people constantly that are actively searching. What that means to you is that if you’re doing Facebook paid ads and you’re not rotating your demographic typically what we see after a period of three or four or five months your ROI on that Facebook ad precipitately begins to decline because you have absolutely saturated that demographic selection with your advertisement already. Where as with Google AdWords you’re getting a fresh search volume and constantly new people are searching for problems so based on the keywords that you select you can continue to market on Google AdWords without seeing that eventual decline in your results. Now of course keyword trends do change and you have to stay on top of that with Google doing different split testing and making sure your quality scores and your landing pages are all up to snuff but for the purposes of this short video I just wanted to touch on the differences between Facebook and Google in their paid marketing programs, how you can best monetize both of them. Both of them can produce good results, but keep in mind Facebook is not a set it up and let it run for 12 months type of marketing medium. After three, four, five, six months you’re just going to see results just drop through the floor. We’ve done a lot of paid marketing on facebook and that’s almost always the result we get especially in our own market it’s a little bit different when we’re marketing with dentists, we have some Facebook marketing for dentists that runs almost around the clock but that’s a national market not local market like you’re in with being a locally based dentist so if you’re doing Facebook ads keep a look on it, keep your eyes on it, make sure you’re watching your tracking metrics and you are keeping track of how much you’re spending and how much you’re bringing in, same with AdWords, you need to be watching your calls, making sure those calls are converting, recording the calls and making sure that marketing is actually producing results for you.


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