Episode 036: The One About The WRONG Video On Your Website

The WRONG Video On Your Website

Wanted to chat a little bit today about procedural vs educational video and what it means for your practice marketing. We get on a lot of sites and see the clinical videos, the KC videos and the smile vision and how the implant screws into the jaw and how you prep for a crown and all these videos that explain clinical procedures and how these procedures work and in my opinion the dentists that are using this type of video are missing a termendous opportunity to connect to their patients on a level that for one you’re speaking the language of the patient and to connect to the patients on a level your competition is not. If a patient is interested on how you prep for a crown or how a dental implant works you’ve got the WebMDS, you’ve got the Wikipedias, the Youtubes, you’ve got all these bemis of information out there that can give you all the clinical information you need. The video specifically that is on your website should be answering three or four extremely important questions that your prospects are asking: Is it going to hurt? How much does it cost? Does this guy really know what he’s doing? Showing a video of how a crown is prepped or a veneer is prepped or how a dental implant works, first of is going to scare off the patients that go “Oh my God, he’s going to drill my toothe down or he’s going to drill into my jaw.” Secondly, it doesn’t tell the patient anything that you’re going to charge them a fair fee or that you even know how to prep a crown correctly, that you’re going to do the work correctly and we even see dentists that take it a step further and they have pictures of these clinical procedures and process with the gum flap back and they show the teeth before the cap goes on and while it’s prepped and they have the spatulas I call them pulling their gums back and it’s horrible for you’re marketing. Your video should be connecting with your prospects and showing them you have a genuine concern, your passion for what you do and answering their burning questions, not the questions that you think they’re asking but the questions that are really going on in their head, how much is it going to cost? Does this guy know what he’s doing? Is it going to hurt? And if you answer those three questions with a video on your website you will dramatically increase the number of new patients that your website brings you, number of phone calls that translate into new patients in you dental practice.


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