Episode 032: The One About the Keywords that Generate Phone Calls

The Keywords that Generate Phone Calls

Phone Calls From Keywords
Total 33 Calls
Reporting period 2/12 thru 2/18
Client in Old Bridge, New Jersey

(not provided) 6 6
old bridge dental care 2
bleeding gums 1
can lipstick mess up tooth enamal 1
dental help 1
dental implants oldbridge nj 1
dentist best day 1
dentist laser gum treatment near 07036 1
dentist old bridge weisfogel 1
dentist on route18 1
dentists in somerset 1
different dental implant splinnting o fleepping 1
dr avi weisfogel 1
dr. avi weisfogel 1
dr. weissfogel dentist old brige 1
inplants in old bridge,nj 1
neighborhood health working hour 1
old bridge dental care, pa 1
same day inplants in old bridge nj 1
what age does dental implants make sense? 1
what are the cheapest dental care in nj for a priv employee innj 1

Phone Calls From Keywords
Reporting period 2/12 thru 2/18
Total 69 Calls
Client in New Albany, Indiana

(not provided) 14
new albany implants 8 5
dental implants 3
new albany implants prices 2
newalbanyimplants 2
teeth in 1 day or all-on-four louisville ky 2
all on four permanent dentures cost 1
artificial tooth flipper isn loose on one side of my mouth and tight on the other side 1
best place to get all on 4 dental implants louisville ky 1
cheap mini implants 1
dental implants new albany indiana 1
dental inplants 1
dentist performing the most mini implants in 1
denture implants 1
dentures made in new albany. in for $200.00 1
does permanent dentures have warranty? 1
dr receiver dentist new albany 1
dr receiver dentist new albany in 1
dr ronald receveur new albany in 1
dr. ronald receveur 1 denturesimplants 1
how much does it cost to get dentures in southern in 1
how much does sedative cost for dental implants? 1
how much does tooth implant cost in kentucky 1 1
i don’t want to die from a dental problem 1
mini dental implant dentists in new albanyindiana 1
mini dental implant dentists in new clarksville indiana 1
mini dental implants cost in louisville ky 1
mini implant dentures 1
mini tooth implant in new albany in 1
newabanyinplants,com 1
newalbany implants 1
newalbany implants .com 1
permanent denture care 1
receveurcoat of 1
should i get any kind of warranty for dental job 1
southern indiana bad credit mini dental implants 1
warranty on dental implants 1

Had a crazy night last, we were in Pittsburgh for a video shoot. Airline industry is a real pain these days, the ended up canceling our flight and ended up driving back through the night last night from Pittsburgh back to Louisville to get home. Had a late night and early morning, my son had his first doctors visit this morning, his one month check-up, everything went great he’s in the 60th percentile in height and weight. Right down the middle I suppose.
I had some thoughts today about the keywords that you’re targeting. A lot of dentists go online and they search for cosmetic dentists their city , dentists their city and yeah those are important to show up to some degree but what I want to talk about a little bit and I’m going to be posting the actual keywords that I’m talking about right below this video for reference is two keyword reports of actual search queries that people searched for over the past seven days on two of our clients’ websites and the interesting thing that I’m finding here, just to give a little background information these were keywords that were searched for that directly led to a phone call being generated to this doctor’s office something we can track through our zetetic software, and something I noticed about these keywords is there’s very few searches in here that have less than three, or four, five keywords that this person searched for. I’m going to be posting these keywords here below this video, take a look at them I don’t want to spend five minutes going through every keyword and what exactly it says because the video will be mundane and boring and you’d stop watching me, so I’m going to post the list below, you can skim through it quickly and again these are keywords that generated phone calls to this doctor’s practice in the past seven days. There will be two list of keywords for two practices. Take a look, leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think.


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