Episode 031: The One About Dominating Google to Crush Your Competition

Dominating Google to Crush Your Competition

Yesterday, I made my podcast about dominating Google to protect your eggs. In other words, how to spread the money you’re spending on your own line marketing around to protect yourself against the whims of Google from changes in algorithms to changes in the search result pages and today I’m going to talk about that same philosophy but from a different perspective. Dominating Google to eliminate your competition to get more patients. Essentially, when you’re dominating Google you’re taking multiple listings on the first page. When you’ve got a peg listing on the top, organic ranking, a local places page, maybe an adwords express listing over on the side, videos, press releases down below, your facebook page, you’ve got 4, 5, 6, 8, we’ve seen 10 listings on the front page of Google, not only are you protecting yourselves against any changes Google might make like I talked about yesterday but you’re also eliminating potential properties that your competition can occupy. If you’re taking five spots on the first page, that’s five spots that your competition is not in which pushes them to the second page. Statistically, 80% of your searches are not going to click to that second page, they’re going to revise their search term in the top and search again or take action on one of the search results that’s already in front of them. So, it’s really an anit-competitive measure, of course, when you have five results on the first page if you want to talk about branding or just simply being seen a lot more often. Having five listings on the first page you’ve got 500% more chances than if you had one listing on the first page for that patient to see you for them to click into your website and the other important thing to realize is that patients all people are looking for different things. We see about 60% of clicks coming in through the organic side, your local places, your videos, organic listings, press release, whatever, we about 40% of all clicks coming out of google on the paid side so if you only have one listing on Google, you’re missing close to have, at least half of all the potential patients that you could be pulling in. Take a look at where you’re ranking at, make sure you understand the different search engines that Google offers. There’s a lot of different opportunities out there. If you got any questions, I’m glad to do a quick little demo on the different search engines Google offers, where you can possibly be found as well as a demographic report on your market area to show you what kind of potential exists.


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