Episode 029: The One About Automating Your Patient Followup

Automating Your Patient Followup

Today’s fast thoughts are about ways you could automate your dental marketing. A lot of dental practices are dedicating a lot of resources right now to keeping in touch with their patients. Front office staff that are doing follow up phone calls and sending out letters and emails and all of this repetitive contact stuff to follow up with patients that aren’t moving forward with treatment or have inquired or whatever the case may be and I want to do a quick illustration of how powerful technology can be if you embrace it the right way. Let’s assume right now that you’re getting one contact a day, let’s say one patient a day is coming to your website and requesting more information or calling you wanting to know more about services, they’ve come in for a treatment plan and they haven’t gone forward, one person a day. Hopefully, you’re getting a lot more than that. One person a day would mean you’re getting 30 a month, first month, second month, let’s just assume you’re getting one patient a day for each month. By my calculations that’s 30 the first month, 30 the second month would be 60, third month would be 180 and let’s assume you’re making two contacts with each of these patients or contacts each month. Comutively, going out to a 12 month period if you made two contacts a month with each of these warm or cold leads, however you want to classify them, that’s going to put you at about 4600 contacts in the first year. If you go out to two years, you’re at 14,040 contacts. Your front office staff would probably pull their hair out and you’d be hiring full time people to be able to make 14,000 touches if you were doing this manually. Thankfully, there’s companies like Infusionsoft that offers software that can do this for you. You can send out emails, text messages, postcards. Some of you watching might be familiar with Infusionsoft and you might be saying well I don’t how to use postcards with Infusionsoft, I thought Infusionsoft only did email, it can do a lot more than that. So much of Infusionsoft is lost because it’s so complex and it’s so extensive, you can do an incredible amount with it but the average person doesn’t have the time to sit down and learn it. We hear from dentists frequently that they bought Infusionsoft, they laid down 3, 4, or 5 grand to jump in, maybe they even sent some of their staff out to Arizona to do training for 10 grand a person and they could just never get their arms wrapped around it and it is a very complex software but with complexity comes a huge feature set and a huge potential if you know how to embrace it. 14,000 contacts that you could be making right now with all of your cold leads, warm leads that have not moved forward in the past two years all for a couple hundred dollars a month at most and that’s if you’re using your own Infusionsoft app, if you go through a company like us for instance who leases out part of their Infusionsoft app to their clients much less than that.


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